Thanksgiving Party Ideas You Can Use Even With Social Distancing Rules At Play

Celebrate Thanksgiving this year with smaller, safe gatherings.

Other than those you already live with, the current recommendations from health and public safety officials is to not throw Thanksgiving parties with extended family and friends.

Though COVID-19 affects how we gather, households determined to have an unforgettable Thanksgiving still can.

You’ve just got to use what’s available to make it special. You can still celebrate family and those you care about. Try some of these Thanksgiving party ideas to get started.

Small Menu

For those that will be spending Thanksgiving with you, preparing a large meal may not be necessary. Instead, reduce your menu for the evening to a classic main dish, a side or two, and one or two desserts. This way, you avoid the insane amount of leftovers a regular Thanksgiving meal would create.


Use Thanksgiving party accessories and décor to really dress up your home. Make it feel like Thanksgiving. A little bit of extra effort goes a long way. It will also cheer up the other people in the home, whether that’s a romantic partner, roommates, or family.

Host A Virtual Potluck

You can still have a potluck, if that’s your usual Thanksgiving celebration. Instead of having everyone over, simply drop off portions to each person. The smaller the potluck, the better. Alternatively, if you simply have one person making Thanksgiving, consider having them drop a little off to each person who you will be video-calling on the special day.

Create New Traditions

We’re losing a lot by not having family near us on Thanksgiving. In the absence of a traditional Thanksgiving experience, create something new. Think of what matters to you. Consider new traditions you can repeat next year, with or without this same separation.

Have A Picnic

If there’s someone you really, really want to see on Thanksgiving – such as a romantic partner – celebrate with a picnic somewhere outdoors. Depending on what the weather is like come October’s second-best holiday, enjoying a dinner or afternoon snack outdoors can be a way to make things not feel so ‘stuck in a pandemic’. It’s the perfect romantic Thanksgiving meal.

Cartoon Turkey Take Home Containers

Take A Trip Outside

COVID-19 has shut down a lot of businesses and prevented a lot of the usual Thanksgiving fun. Taking a long drive, enjoying a walk through your favourite park, and/or meeting a friend for a socially-distanced stroll somewhere is an easy way to break up the monotony of isolation.

For all your Thanksgiving décor, party accessories, plates, cups, and gifts, visit today. Celebrate the way you want this October and do so safely with the people who matter most in your life.

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