Different Ways of Using An Electric Kettle (Other Than Making A Cup of Tea)

An electric kettle quickly heats up water to a boil, providing a user the chance to make tea or coffee almost instantly.

Whether you have a busy schedule or are just looking for a convenient way to prepare an affordable cup of tea, a kettle works. Surprisingly though, an electric kettle also has a number of other uses beyond tea- making. Here are just a few of them.

Instant Noodles

Yes, when you’re craving Instant Noodles, you don’t have to wait. Put on a kettle, boil water, pour it out, add noodles to the boiled water in a glass bowl and it’s ready to serve. So much easier through an electric kettle than it is on a stovetop.

Instant Oatmeal

There’s always time for breakfast with an electric kettle. No excuses. Boil your water, add some instant oatmeal, and wait a few minutes. The water will absorb as it does on the stove. Now you’ve got your breakfast hot and fresh.

French Press Coffee

French press coffee requires a kettle to heat up water for it. If you’ve never had French press coffee and you do not have a coffee maker at home to make things easy for you, it can make mornings so much more effortless.

Hot Spa Treatments

You have to be careful when using your stainless steel electric kettle for hot spa treatments but it does work. You can use it to heat up a foot soak or to steam your pores. After you’ve got hot water ready, pour it out in a large bowl and lean over it to stimulate your skin, open up those pores, and exfoliate.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate lovers rejoice! An electric kettle provides a way to prepare yet another hot beverage. This is very hands-off prep. All that’s really needed is a good hot chocolate mix from the store.

Make Some Hot Soup

On a day when you don’t want to be over the stovetop making soup in a pot, turn on the kettle. Once the water’s hot, pour it out into a pot or bowl and add in your ingredients. Give it a few minutes and that’s it.

Warm Up Baby Bottles

An electric kettle with an adjustable temperature can gently warm up water for your body, completing the process in seconds. Please note, this requires a programmable electric kettle rather than one whose temperature cannot be adjusted.

There’s so much more you can do with an electric kettle, such as boiling eggs, milk, rice, and potatoes. All in all, it’s a great kitchen tool to have. Find high-quality small kitchen appliances today from Living.ca and order your electric kettle on sale.

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  1. Have you tried boiling an egg, or two, in a hot kettle? Love it – texture is always right. Be careful when placing the egg in the kettle however – good to use a spoon to gently place it inside the kettle. Thought I’d share … thanks.

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