How to Steam Clean A Carpet

Carpet fibers get buried in dirt and debris coming in off footwear. Fortunately, steam cleaning with some soap and water will restore a carpet to its former glory, and eliminate anything seemingly permanently stuck in the fibers.

Vacuum Thoroughly

Take a vacuum to your carpet before getting out the steam cleaner. Give it a thorough vacuuming and clear off any furniture or items that don’t have to be there.

Fill the Machine

Fill your steam cleaner with water and soap. Ideally, make this mix beforehand so that you can keep a stash of it should you run out. Ensure the ratios are respectable. It doesn’t take a large portion of soap in water to make a readymade carpet cleaner.

Use Stain Remover First

Before you hit the nozzle, tackle bad spots with stain remover. Steam cleaning can’t always eliminate deep-set stains. A little stain remover first can help to get these spots clean before tackling it with a steam cleaner. Blot the stain with stain remover. Dab it. Then, leave it. Do not scrub at stains as they can possibly sink further into the carpet. Be careful.

Start In A Corner

When steam cleaning a carpet, start in a corner and move outwards. Cross back and forth, in sizeable portions. This will give you the ultimate strategy to go over every area of carpet and reduce the likelihood of going over a region twice.

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How Steam Cleaners Work

Steam cleaners pull up dirt particles but don’t work much on hair or larger debris. Look at the instructions. Some steam cleaners are meant to be pushed and pulled to do the job. Then, others are meant to be pushed or pulled without the other. However your machine works are the instructions which should be followed.

Make Long Passes

A handheld steam cleaner should be worked in long lines from wall to wall. If your cleaner’s spreading water going forward and then, sucking it up going backward, pass over all carpet areas twice. Do not leave any areas of the carpet unclean.

Give Lots of Drying Time

Once the carpet has been fully steam cleaned and every stain has been removed and everything’s ready to go, give it lots of time to dry. You may want to bring in a few fans and turn them on. It will likely take hours before your carpet is fully dry and ready to see foot traffic again.

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