Would You Switch to A Portable Induction Cooktop Burner?

Induction cooktop burners have been popular in Europe and Asia for almost two decades. Frequently used in small apartments and condos, they save space while providing stovetop cooking access.

More people in major cities like Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver are choosing induction cooktops in an effort to have privacy and find a way to prepare food in tight units.

How Induction Cooktop Burners Work

Portable induction burners use an alternating electric current sent through a copper coil. The movement of electrons and electrons rubbing against each other very quickly is what creates heat.

The efficiency rating of induction cooktops is high. Approximately 90 percent of all electricity consumed on a cooktop is put towards heating food. Compare this to an electric stove which uses less than 70 percent of its electricity for heat or a gas stove which is even less efficient at a maximum 40 percent.

Advantages of Portable Induction Burners

There are a lot of reasons to buy a portable induction burner – many benefits and many advantages. A huge benefit with a burner is that it reaches the desired cooking temperature minutes quicker than a gas stove.

A portable countertop burner cleans much easier. It’s a flat glass surface. If there’s ever some spilling or any sort of accident, it’s incomparable how easy a portable burner is to sanitize compared to a gas stove.

Environmentally-speaking, a 1,800W induction cooker is cleaner than gas. It uses electricity. Less time in use also helps its eco-friendly rating.

In terms of avoiding gas and its pollutants – carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and nitrogen dioxide – a cooktop is far healthier.

1800W Portable Digital Induction Cooker Countertop Burner, Push Button Controller – LIVINGbasics™

Many burners are also equipped with better safety features than your average stovetop. For example, when a pan is removed, the unit turns itself off resulting in less energy waste, no accidental burns, and no fire risk.

They’re very simple to use. Though some are more complex, a lot of induction cooktops are intuitive and with clearly indicated controls.

Disadvantages to Portable Induction Cooktops

There are only a few cons to portable induction cooktops. The worst of which is that aluminum and copper-bottomed cookware does not work. You may need to replace yours with stainless steel or cast-iron.

Subsequently, price also matters. A single burner can be costly compared to what one would spend on a stovetop. That said, not every room has space for more than a burner which is induction burners are so beneficial.

All in all, if you’re in a tight space or simply want to move to a portable way of high-efficiency cooking, try a portable induction cooktop burner. They produce no pollution, are safer, and cheaper than most high-end stoves, ovens, and similar alternatives. Have fun! Get yours from Living.ca.

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