Tempura Deep Pot Fryer or Air Fryer, Which is Better? – See Here

You have several pots for deep-frying and ways to deep-fry. Your average deep fryer isn’t as popular today as it once was. Those who once were fans of the classic deep fryer have likely moved on to an air fryer.

Then, there’s a tempura deep pot fryer. A tempura pot is equipped with an oil draining rack, thermometer, and lid, and is prepped to fry things like fries, chicken nuggets, squid rings, fish, shrimp, and tempura of course.

As we look into the pros and cons of tempura deep pot fryers and air fryers, which is better becomes clear.

Benefits of A Tempura Deep Pot Fryer

  • A tempura deep pot fryer is more portable than an average deep-fryer. This makes it a simpler process to fry something up, let the oil cool, and then to find sufficient and adequate oil storage.
  • Submerge your foods in oil. You don’t get this with an air fryer. You have more control arguably over the texture of the food and eliminate the reliance on digital-led functionality.
  • A tempura deep pot fryer is a contained pot which means no oil overflowing and safety.
  • Save on oil through the drying rack. After you remove the food and the oil’s done emptying back into the pot, cleaning the lid is quick and easy.
Tempura Deep Pot Fryer with A Thermometer, Lid & Oil Drainer Rack, 24CM – LIVINGbasics™

Benefits of An Air Fryer

  • An air fryer uses less cooking time than an oven or alternative means while cooking food at extremely high heat.
  • Reduce the negative effects of using oil to cook. Cancer-causing agents can form in certain oils, especially those which haven’t been changed or filtered.
  • Why people buy an air fryer is to cut calories without sacrificing texture or taste. On average, an air fryer reduces calories by up to 80% and contains less fat which means better control over one’s weight.
  • You use less oil with an air fryer compared to a tempura deep pot fryer which ends up less costly. You get more from what you pay for and you don’t have to replace your oil as much.
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Which is Better, Deep-Frying or Air Frying?

Arguably, a deep fryer produces the better taste. Inarguably, air frying is the healthier option delivering fried foods with minimal oil.

What you choose to deep fry in your kitchen relies on your preference. Both small kitchen appliances have their place, especially with the range of foods we are talking about. There are many recipes that can be used for both as well.

Order your tempura deep pot fryer or a digital touchscreen air fryer from Living.ca today. A perfect gift to you and your kitchen!

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