Must-Have Pet Essentials You May Not Have Thought About Before

Some pet essentials your vet doesn’t tell you about. Of course, you want your fur buddy to be protected and healthy but you also want them to be happy and be supported. Beyond the obvious pet essentials, here are some must-haves you may not have thought about before.

Dog Nail Clippers

A lot of dogs hate having their nails clipped, especially rescues. It’s a necessity though. A high-quality set of dog nail clippers with LED light for accuracy makes the process a little easier on an owner.

Heated Pet Bowl

If you occasionally have your dog outside during colder times of year, a heated pet bowl will prevent the water from freezing and provide your pup a comfortable drink. In a stainless steel design, it can be used indoors and outdoors.

Automatic Pet Feeder

If you routinely are away from your place for longer than 24 hours, it might not hurt to invest in some sort of automatic pet feeder. One of the best models in Canada has six food compartments, is for wet and dry food, and is programmable with up to six meals per day.

Pet Heating Pad

A heating pad for pets can be a comfort. It’s a great resource to have on hand for dog crate training. The benefit of a heating pad is that it’s waterproof, accommodating any sort of accidents that may occur.

Newest Pet Heating Pad 18″ x 18″ Electric Dog Cat Heated Pad

Dog Grooming Hair Clippers

A dog grooming kit focuses on getting their look and fur just right. Included are dog grooming clippers, 4 combs, a cleaning brush, and a pet-safe oil bottle. The pet clippers are quiet yet effective and with adjustable speed.

Compostable Poop Bags

Heavy-duty compostable poop bags are a necessity for any dog owner. Dogs get walked. Moving along down the road, eventually, they feel the need to go to the bathroom. When this happens, you’re ready.

Dog Training Collar

There are a lot of ways to train a dog. A dog training collar, aka an anti-barking collar or shock collar, ideally is a last resort. This rechargeable, waterproof design can be programmed with electric shocks at various levels (0-5) or vibrations on the same scale.

Dog Stroller

A dog stroller is kind of like a baby stroller. It’s foldable, on three wheels, and is very lightweight. For pet owners with small dogs who may be a little nervous about being outside, a dog stroller provides them a safe environment in which they can exist and be with you without any pressure.

Find all these pet essentials and more at, and build up your arsenal of tools and resources, keeping your pet safe, comfortable, and happy!

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