How Eco-Friendly Are Attitude Cleaners in Canada

Attitude is a natural and eco-friendly cleaning brand. They make things like all-purpose disinfectants, all-purpose cleaners, hand soaps, dishwashing liquid, and fruit and vegetable washes all from eco-friendly natural ingredients.

If you’re looking for the most eco-friendly cleaning brand in Canada, Attitude may just be it.

Eco-Friendly Cleaners v. Chemical Cleaners

There are chemicals in all sorts of cleaners, with sanitizers, disinfectants, floor cleaners, and bathroom cleaners being some of the worst offenders.

As we use cleaners with chemicals, we expose ourselves to toxicity. Assuming you clean most days, that’s a lot of chemical exposure. This isn’t to mention the risk to pets and the chemical aerosols. Whenever possible, choose eco-friendly cleaners.

Attitude’s cleaners are all non-toxic. They are made from eco-friendly ingredients, prioritizing safety but without sacrificing effectiveness. All Attitude cleaners have EcoLogo certification, a Canadian eco-friendly certification that confirms our products aren’t just talk, keywords, and branding. EcoLogo means there are real verifiable benefits to choosing Attitude.


The types of ingredients used in environmentally-sustainable cleaners are usually plant-derived and hypoallergenic. These are formulated in a manner to ensure you get the same sort of effectiveness you expect and often receive from their chemical alternatives. After all, this is precisely why chemicals are used in cleaning. They’re effective. It’s at the expense of safety, however, no one can dispute how effective chemical-based cleaners are.

Whether you have a respiratory illness that requires you to use safer cleaners or you simply want to eliminate chemicals from your weekly cleaning routine, you can’t go wrong with plant ingredients and the basics.

What Are Some of Attitude’s Best Cleaning Products?

  • Try an all-purpose cleaner naturally-effective on germs and scented with lemon and thyme.
  • Use a fully biodegradable natural dish soap and dishwashing liquid.
  • The Super Leaves Hypoallergenic Hand Soap is very accommodating and highly effective.
  • Wash windows, glass, and mirrors with Attitude’s hypoallergenic window and mirror cleaner scented with citrus zest.
  • The bathroom is a notoriously dirty place with bacteria and germs everywhere. Try an eco-friendly all-purpose bathroom cleaner or all-natural shower and tile cleaner. Clean a bathroom from top to bottom.
  • Another tough-to-clean room is the kitchen. A natural kitchen all-purpose cleaner is crafted by Attitude using plants and minerals, and is scented with citrus zest.

Attitude has even gone on to make body washes, shampoos, shower gels, and other skincare products that are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and as natural as natural gets.

When you’re looking for all-natural household cleaners or healthy eco-friendly cleaners, shop them at

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