Why Do We Use Sink Strainers

Unless your sink is connected to a garbage disposal, you’re at risk of clogs and plumbing issues when there isn’t a strainer in place to catch all the debris and food waste that would normally drain down into your pipes.

Do I Need to Use A Sink Strainer?

We get why some homeowners don’t want to use a sink strainer. Some don’t fit properly or look very appealing. From a functional standpoint, every sink should have a strainer. Numerous reasons exist as to why.

What Does A Sink Strainer Do?

Your sink is connected to a plumbing system. Your house relies on its plumbing and with that, protecting your pipes is priority. A lot can impact how well your pipes are working.

Sink strainers catch everything from fruit and vegetable pieces to pasta and rice, any sort of garbage a la food wrappers and plastic waste, and all sorts of particles. Look at what your sink strainer catches! Within a week, you’d be surprised by how full a strainer gets.

If a sink strainer wasn’t there, everything would go down your drain. If debris gets caught on something, that’s the starting of a blockage.

There are limitations though to what a sink strainer can do. One of the worst culprits of pipe blockages, however less common, is oil and grease. Do not pour these down your sink, in any circumstances. This is a sure way to create a blockage. A strainer will keep bits of burnt pieces in oil from running down the drain but no strainer – not even an OXO Good Grips Sink Strainer – will stop grease and oil.

Another reason why to consider a sink strainer is because bacterial growth in the pipes. Sink plumbing pipes are moist, can have food particles stuck to the walls, and has a comfortable temperature. If things down your sink drain have ever smelt awful, it’s bacterial growth. Slow bacterial growth or eliminate it completing with a sink strainer to catch waste before it’s irretrievable.

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