How To Match Your Party With Your Party Tableware – See here!

When you walk into a party you’re not wholly familiar with, you look for cues. You try to find a group or someone to connect with in a conversation. You may look around at what other attendees are wearing. There’s also something to be said about the party décor, party supplies, and party tableware that occupies the room.

Think about what sort of conflicting messaging it would be to attend a party of lawyers and accountants, and the party décor – without explanation – is all about cartoon elephants. Confusing! It’s equally a conflict when your party tableware doesn’t suit the occasion. For example, a luxurious party for adults deserves its own set of luxury party tableware. You don’t want children’s party décor to be what’s around you.

Tableware, specifically, is what we’re focusing on here. Tableware is something each party-goer’s probably going to handle. It may be a party cup for a beverage. It may be a party plate for dinner, cake, or salad. Even if they don’t have it in-hand, they will come across it. Tableware communicates to those entering the room more about the party than people assume.


The most obvious differentiator in party tableware is color. If you have a palette you’re working with, stick with it when it comes to your tableware.


Not all colorful party tableware is a single color. Some come in rainbow. Some are adorned with shiny gold, silver, or patterns of gold and silver in circles, squares, or more abstract designs. The pattern that adorns your tableware also works in your favor.

Tableware Accessories

Tableware like plates, cups, and cutlery you need. Then, there are other party accessories like table skirts, napkins, straws, picks, dollies, and more. These aren’t necessary but can help communicate the vibe you want. Depending on what other party décor you have, tableware accessories may be an add-on you want.

Multiple Themes

If it’s a game night, if you have assigned teams, or if it’s a large enough gathering to split parties up, you may want multiple party tableware kits. Assign tables different colors or designs. Trivia nights are a great example of how this sort of team v. team in tableware works.


Premium party tableware is adult-oriented, luxury-esque, and minimalist-inspired. For any professional work party, corporate party, romantic occasion, or something you want to be very formal, premium party tableware has to be the focus.

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