Best Planters For Your Garden in 2021

Nothing organizers a garden, indoors or outdoors, like planters. In gardening, the planters you select can vastly change the vibe of your greenery, adding in color, material, texture, and patterns that wouldn’t otherwise be there.

If you’re looking for cute, trendy planters and gardening pots for 2021, check out some of these possibilities.

Cement Garden Pot

Heavy-duty and with some real weight, this cement Arcadia garden pot is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is elegant, lightweight, and multi-purpose, able to accommodate any number of plants, trees, and more.

Woven Seagrass Basket

A woven seagrass basket is fun, bohemian, and made from ethically-sourced natural materials. Whatever plant you put in this, the split-color combines a modern-minimalist feel with a more outdoorsy, rustic feel. A unique combination.

Tall Round Vase

When you want to emphasize height over width, such as with a tree, a tall round vase pot is recommended. This is also great when you’re limited on space and depth yet still want a planter that stuns.

Woven Willow Basket

Another fun woven-style planter is this woven willow basket with a soft liner inside. When you’re remodeling your garden or are looking for a more captivating look for your centerpiece plant, willow baskets have a very homey look to them.

Heavy-Duty Plastic Planter

An elegant heavy-duty plastic planter will keep your plants secure to the floor. The beauty of plastic is that it can also be made to look like any number of materials and be textured accordingly.

Nova Collection Mushroom Pot

A mushroom planter like the Nova Collection round plastic pot has a slightly smaller bottom half and a larger top half. It’s a unique but functional planter that can be used to house all sorts of ornamental houseplants.

Weaving Embossment Plastic Pot

A weaving embossment plastic pot from the Lenn Collection is a critically-acclaimed choice for your planter. Artistically textures, this simplistic pot is a great place to lay your best seedlings, greenery, or tree. Professional plant consultants love using one-of-a-kind styles like this that are unlikely to conflict with existing décor.

Novelty Collection Oval Pot

The Novelty Collection oval pot planter is a beautiful location for a bonsai tree or smaller arrangements. For more ornamental greenery arrangements, this is the sort of planter you want. Something that attracts the eye and looks pristine yet isn’t so overpowering that it’s taking something from your plant.

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