Is An Automatic Corkscrew Worth Buying For Your Next Bottle Of Wine?

Electric wine openers, or automatic corkscrews, have grown more and more popular in the last decade.

A lot of us have been there. Breaking off the cork in the neck of the wine bottle. It sucks. Attempting to get it out is a process that sometimes takes more than a few moments. It’s frustrating. It spoils the moment. It slows things down.

An automatic wine bottle opener is far easier to use. It’s no different than tapping a button on your smartphone. It’s a high-speed way to remove the cork and open up your favourite bottle. Taking only a few seconds, there’s no pushing or pulling and no struggle.

What Does An Automatic Wine Bottle Opener Do?

An electric wine opener uses a button. Press it. It presses into the cork and withdraws it. No breakage. It works on any cork made from synthetic material or natural.

Afterward, the stainless steel design can be wiped and cleaned dry. The downside to an electric wine opener is the need to charge it. It’s cordless so it has to be charged like any other device. Using energy-saving tech, you can open up to 70 bottles before having to switch to another set of batteries.

Compact and lightweight, you can also take your wine bottle opener to a friend’s place or an event. Included in the automatic wine bottle opener is a foil cutting to trim off seals. This guarantees a neat job.

Do You Need An Automatic Corkscrew Or Electric Wine Bottle Opener?

A manual corkscrew is cheaper but if you’ve ever used one, you’re aware of its disadvantages.

The biggest inconvenience with an automatic corkscrew is it needing to charge. Keep your standard corkscrew with you, just in case there’s a battery issue or lack of charge.

If you’re regularly opening new bottles or are opening a lot of wine bottles at a time, corkscrewing by hand is going to tire you out. An automatic corkscrew won’t quit. It will continue working and working until the battery gives out.

If you haven’t tried an electric wine bottle opener, give it a try. You won’t ever break off a cork again.

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