7 Areas Of Your Home You Can Upgrade And Redesign On A Budget

A household. We all have one. From small 1-bedroom apartments to multi-storey detached properties, a household can cost a lot to keep maintained and updated. You can do it on a budget though, believe us when we say it!

Home renovations and remodeling cost a ton. Décor doesn’t have to and neither does the homewares that you may use on a daily basis more for function than looks. Here are the most common areas of your home you can focus on with trendy, affordable products to keep your household optimized for your lifestyle.

Your Bed

Every now and again your bedroom will need an upgrade. Buy new bedding, sheets, pillows, and more. Find wrinkle-resistant materials that are soft on the skin. Try switching them out seasonally.

Your Pantry

However large your pantry is, organize it with bulk food containers. They make them in all shapes and sizes. Find the type of pantry containers best for your food needs and fill them up. It’s a straightforward way to keep this area organized.

Your Food Prep Counter

There’s always that one place in the kitchen you go to when preparing food. It might be off to the side or in a corner somewhere. An easy way to make this space a little more exciting is simply adding food prep utensils and gadgets, a la salad spinners, measuring cups, garlic presses, can openers, peelers, avocado slicers, pineapple slicers, steamers, and more. Find some excellent prices on kitchen prep accessories at ShopperPlus.ca.

Your Bathroom

Lots of bathroom upgrades are available, from soap dispensers to toothbrush holders, wall-mounted toilet paper holders, smart garbage cans, rotary towel racks, and more.

Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen drawers can be a mess. They’re relied on every day and so much gets taken out that when those items are put back in, knowing they’ll be taken out again within 24 hours, the organization’s not always top-notch. Try kitchen drawer storage, compact spice storage organizers, and more.

Any Wall

Walls are underdeveloped opportunities for creative design. Try wall decals, peel-and-stick decals, or mount some art. Wall decals come fairly cheap and can be used to decorate any surface as a self-adhesive. They add lots of color and texture.

Kitchen Sink

Yes, back to the kitchen! We use our kitchen sinks a dozen times a day or more in some homes. Ensuring this area stays clean takes commitment… and the right products. Lock in a strainer for the drain. Try for some over-the-sink drying rack storage and other ways to acquire surrounding space.

These are some easy places you can look to for upgrades and re-designs. It’s not quite a renovation but it’ll get you excited to be in these areas again and give you more ownership over them. ShopperPlus.ca is where you can find all these and more.

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