How To Have A Fun Summer Party With Family And Friends

Summer is on the docket. COVID-19 vaccinations are getting done and ‘new cases’ are finally coming down. More people are being welcomed outside. Small businesses are reopening. Canada’s economy is gearing up for a cautious but still celebratory summer season. It’s the perfect time to have a party.

Invite family and friends over for a weekend party this summer to reacquaint with others. If everyone’s been vaccinated or a few have only received their first dose, here is how you can have that party without putting people at risk.

Be Creative

Lastly, try to think of ways to have a party or party activities that would please your invitees. For example, if everyone enjoys music, have a music-themed party. If they like football or hockey, that’s another way to go. Building around a theme is an excellent starting point.

Hang Lots Of Décor

You can go as all-out as you like with premium party décor. There are 100s of party supplies, accessories, and décor out there, and none of it’s particularly expensive. If it looks like a party, it will most definitely feel like a party.

BBQ The Right Foods

BBQing now for folks is way more complicated than it was a few decades ago. So many of us maintain diets and lifestyles that are fairly strict, i.e. vegan, vegetarian, etc. Check ahead with friends and family you’re inviting. To make it easy, confirm with them what they’d like and streamline everything into burger form.

Overnight Camping Trip

A fun summer party idea is to take an overnight camping trip. You don’t have to brave the elements per se, either. Rent a cabin. Do an AirBnB. Just get out of the city you’re in and take in new surroundings. It can be freeing.

Outdoor/Indoor Location

Location is important. Outdoors is a little safer, be it in a backyard, on a deck, or in the public outdoors. That said, it’s not a necessity. You can do it indoors or incorporate the location into a theme, a la a beach party.

Have A Rough Sketch Of Some Party Activities

As a host, you want to keep a party fun but you also don’t want to feel like participation is a must. Try to keep things loose and be open to changes but also have a rough idea of party games, activities, movies to watch, or general things to do to help keep people invested in the time together.

Use Disposable Tableware

Premium party tableware kits are available. Made from plastics, they look elegantly designed, durable, and can be tossed at the end of the day. This will help prevent any sort of bacterial transfer.

Spend less, shop for more. Check out party décor, party supplies, and more for your summer gathering at today.

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