Will A Satin Pillowcase Help Your Skin And Hair While You Sleep?

Satin is glossy, smooth, and lustrous. As slippery as it is, satin has some beautiful benefits for the sleepers who use it as the material for their pillowcase. Satin has gotten its fair share of hype throughout recent years for the effects it has on the skin and hair. In terms of what type of pillowcase is best, we’ll always pick satin. And here’s why.

Decreases Hair Tugging

Satin is naturally very smooth. It is less likely to tug at your hair as you sleep which means less breakage. For people with long hair trying to conserve as much hair as possible, this is great news.

Keep A Hairstyle Longer

If you’ve had your hair styled, overnight you don’t know what damage you could be doing to it. Any sort of blowout or salon style will likely last a few days longer on a satin pillowcase compared to cotton but this does vary.

Less Tangles

When you change positions as you sleep, some fabric makes it hard for your hair to come with you. If your hair is prone to tangling, overly dry, or fine, satin will prevent you from waking up with it messy.

Less Frizzy Hair

Satin is also not going to rough up the hair cuticle like cotton would or other materials might. If frizzy hair is a worry, it won’t be with a satin pillowcase.

Fewer Sleep Lines And Creases

Skin-wise, sleeping on a satin pillowcase will prevent unnecessary skin stretching and pulling. This occurs overnight as we shift and adjust positions. If you’re worried about creases and sleep wrinkles, this is one way out of that.

Less Friction, Less Acne

Although this is debatable to some, if you have light acne, you want to avoid irritating the skin. Choosing satin, there’s less friction overnight as you sleep. This can help reduce acne appearances and hopefully help you overcome it.

Helps With Hydration

Sleeping with a satin pillowcase has also been shown to help with keeping the hair hydrated and may help skin do the same.

You’ll Sleep Better

Understanding what it’s doing for your skin and hair as well as the soft, comfy texture as you get settled into bed can help initiate a more comfortable and longer-lasting sleep. Better quality sleep comes with a long, long list of benefits, including supporting strong, healthy skin and doing the same for your hair.

As if all that wasn’t enough reason to start sleeping on satin pillowcases, you can find them on sale right now at ShopperPlus.ca. See for yourself the benefits of sleeping on a silky smooth satin pillowcase.

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