What Foods Can I Make In An Air Fryer Oven? – See The List Here

An air fryer oven is quite the upgrade for any kitchen and an update on the classic deep-fryer experience.

Delivering crispy foods with significantly less oil, there are a lot of reasons to choose an air fryer toaster oven. A lot of us are new to the concept though and might ask, “What can I cook in an air fryer?” This quick list is all about sharing a few of the things you can make inside your ShopperPlus.ca air fryer.


Any sort of fries, wedges, or cut potato pieces can be crisped up in an air fryer and no one will know they haven’t been fried.

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings, pieces, strips, and nuggets are easily the second most popular deep-fried food in Canada. They cook extremely well in an air fryer and use a lot less oil which helps to curb those calories.

Cauliflower Bites

If you are a vegan or vegetarian and do not eat meat, cauliflower bites are a great snack substitute that can be tossed into an air fryer and in minutes, they’re cooked and covered in a crispy finish.

Rotisserie Chicken

Yes, a rotisserie chicken. Although you can’t make it in every air fryer, this particular model combines the air frying concept with a rotisserie oven providing you the space to do it. With a rotisserie oven like this, you can make rotisserie chicken any time you want at home.

Fish Pieces

Fish is another great meat you can bread and cook in an air fryer. For those days when chicken isn’t grabbing your attention or if you have a vegetarian in your household, fish is another alternative to try.

Dehydrated Fruit

If your air fryer oven has the functionality to do it, some can be used to dehydrate fruits and veggies.


There is a long list of fruits you can toss into an air fryer and cook, from brussels sprouts to garlic-covered green beans.


What! Pizza in an air fryer! Once again, this doesn’t just go for any air fryer. A basic air fryer does not have the resources to cook you a pizza. A more advanced model though has the built-in space required to accommodate a medium-sized pizza. This saves you time and energy costs utilizing your oven instead.

Egg Rolls

You can put almost anything into an egg roll and cook it in an air fryer. Egg rolls are absolutely delicious and can be tailored to different diets as well. This makes them a great finger-food to cook and set out a platter for dinner.

These are just some of the foods you can make in an air fryer. For the best air fryer in Canada, check out this 10.5-quarts air fryer and rotisserie oven at ShopperPlus.ca today.

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