Do I Need A Cooling Towel For My Post-Working Routine?

Now that gyms have reopened, fitness buffs are picking up all sorts of exercise products and accessories to help get the most from their workouts.

Being the middle of summer, beating the heat is something else a lot of us are having to overcome. A cooling towel can help you in both situations.

There’s been an explosion in popularity around cooling towels. They’ve been used not only following workouts but they can help calm the body’s temperature when you feel like you’re overheating or after activity outdoors.

This summer’s been hot, hot, hot. A cooling neck wrap or portable cooling towel can help. Here’s everything to know about how they work and why they’ve become so popular among fitness enthusiasts.

How Does A Cooling Towel Work?

A cooling towel can be thrown into a gym bag or kept in a bottle, and pulled out when you want to use it. How a cooling towel works is simple. The material is anti-moisture but it retains temperature extremely well.

Therefore, soak it in water. The water should be drained out. What you’ll be left with is a towel that’s fairly dry, if not all the way dry, and kept at a crispy cool temperature. Once activated, a cooling towel can keep this temperature for a few hours.

You will notice most cooling towels are made similar to activewear. It’s mesh. Wring out the moisture after running it under the tap and you’ll be good to go.

Cooling towels are a great tool to use for workouts and in the evening after a long day’s work outside. They can also help with heat exhaustion and emergency situations where you have to bring down a person’s temperature at a steady rate.

What Is The Best Cooling Towel?

There are lots of fairly impressive designs out there in the cooling towel space. The best fitness cooling towel that gets our vote is the Bodico Fit cooling towel.

Machine-washable, this cooling towel is 12” by 35” and is used for workouts, sports, camping, summer activities, and more.

Made from hyper-evaporative material, you get it cool with cold water and it’ll retain that cold temperature for hours at a time, just like we mentioned. It’ll wick away sweat and prevent heat stress when you’re ready to come back down to a more normal temperature.

Long runs. HIIT workouts. Hot flashes. Lots of situations can benefit from the use of a Bodico Fit cooling towel.

You will love having this ready to go for when you have a little bit too much heat on you. For cooling towels and other fitness accessories that can help you stay in shape and maintain health, visit

Article image from Shape Magazine

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