Buy An LED Shower Head And Other Tips To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Transform your bathroom with an LED shower head and other affordable features you can integrate into almost any bathroom space. Up the relaxation with tidy, lost-cost additions and décor.

Here are just a few tips you can use to make showers more spa-like and the experience of going into the washroom more exciting.

Essential Oils

For a true bathroom spa experience, look to adding an essential oil scent of your choosing into the mix. You may want to line up scents according to your soaps and shampoos, to minimize conflicting and disorienting smells.

Playlists And Music

When you take a shower, you want to forget about what’s going on in the outside world and singularly focus on yourself. To help block out the noise, figuratively and literally, a playlist or bringing some music into the washroom is a nice touch.

Handles And Fixtures

This is somewhere costs can increase. However, you may be able to find older or unwanted handles and bathroom sink fixtures that can be repurposed in your space to give it a new aesthetic. If you really want to go ‘luxury spa’ with it, this is a possibility.

Robes And Towels

Anything that touches your sink around the shower should be soft and luxurious. Buy some soft, luxury bathroom robes and towels. It’ll be well worth it when you come to stepping out of the shower, and want to slip into something warm and comfy.

Storage Shelves

Declutter your bathroom by incorporating storage, baskets, and shelving. There are lots of bathroom-friendly options, from shower shelves that are wall-mounted to bamboo shelves for the sink countertop, over-the-toilet shelving, and more.

Invest In An LED Shower Head

A rain shower head with LEDs is high-tech, different, and adds a whole new vibe to taking a shower. Wall-mount a stainless steel LED shower head and be able to modify water pressure, temperature, flow, and more.

Move In Plants, Real Or Faux

Greenery is calm, relaxing, and inspiring to look at. Your bathroom spa isn’t just about physical relaxation. It should also be about mental. Try to move in some plants, real or artificial, to act as décor.

Wall Art

Wall art is another way to activate the mind and release some much-needed stress while you shower, bathe, massage, and relax yourself. Enhance the spa experience with artwork that matches your personality and the sort of mindset you’d like to have on a more day-to-day basis.

If you aren’t sure where to start, try an LED shower head from Most are very surprised by how different a shower feels after they’ve made the switch to an LED rainfall shower head.

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