What Is Linear Light And How Do You Use It?

Linear light is light that’s distributed in a linear shape, as opposed to square or round lighting. Longer-than-average optics distribute this light over a narrow area. Linear light is most often suspended from the ceiling, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or is used as recessed lighting in a wall or ceiling.

Should I Use Linear Light?

Linear light is often used in retail, warehouses, and office lighting. These are large, long spaces requiring low-cost, energy-efficient LED lighting. More and more though, we are seeing homeowners opt to have linear indoors and out.

In terms of whether you should use linear light or not, it depends on the function. There are a multitude of ways to suspend, mount, or recess lighting into a home design or in one’s outdoor landscaping. Linear light is very stylish, sleek, and exquisite to look at but it also always serves a purpose.

Look at your home. You may have areas of a room that are either overly dark or not stylish. An architecturally-attractive linear light setup can add so much to these spaces. Linear light is exceptional in its performance and very aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t matter what ceiling, wall, or setting you have because linear LED lighting can be added almost anywhere.

Directionally, they do their job as lights. They’re also very eye-catching though, creating atmosphere where a run-of-the-mill basic light will not.

Customize Your Linear Light

How you use linear light can vary according to the room and its function.

  • A kitchen island can benefit from suspended LED linear lighting to illuminate what’s underneath.
  • A dining room table can use calm, warm vanity lights and/or LED linear suspension to carefully light up where people gather.
  • They can be used as vanity lights, including along a hallway, in a home theater room, outdoors along a deck or patio area, or configured in an arrangement in a large setting.

Many types of recessed lighting exist, including linear chandeliers, mini pendant, and more. Precise styles range from mid-century modern to high-tech lighting. The beauty of linear lighting is how energy-efficient and adaptable it is. You can incorporate it into the build of seemingly anywhere and it’s one of the more out-of-the-way light fixtures you can have.

You can also have linear light in lots of different finishes, such as matte black, brushed nickel, or polished nickel.

Linear light offers a targeted and flexible approach to lighting parts of your property. Search out all sorts of home lighting products at ShopperPlus.ca and redesign how your home is lit, with ambient, general, and targeted lighting available.

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