Should I Buy An Aluminum Camping Coffee Percolator For The Outdoors?

Coffee percolators were once incredibly popular and the preferred method of making coffee before being replaced by automatic coffee makers sometime in the early 1970s. Percolators found use throughout the late nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century in homes and among coffee drinkers.

Today, an aluminum coffee percolator still has its use among campers, hikers, and people who enjoy the outdoors. That’s because you can make coffee in a percolator without electricity.

Although getting to know how to use a percolator to get your coffee just right can take some time, the rewards are that you can have coffee wherever you like and have it be no struggle to make.

What you will find is that the robust, rich flavors and even the texture of the coffee from an aluminum camping coffee percolator is unique. A vintage tool, this type of percolator is inspired by the 1800s model, brewing up some strong coffee whenever you need to. While there are electric percolators, for the sake of clarity and considering how we’re talking about the challenges that come with camping, a manual percolator will be what we use.

How An Aluminum Camping Coffee Percolator Works

A coffee percolator brews a strong cup of coffee. How it works is using steam and water via a central valve to extract flavors and oils from the coffee. The brewed coffee then percolates into the carafe.

It can take some time to master the art of a coffee percolator. After all, it’s up to you to ensure the temperature is where it needs to be and that you don’t over-brew the coffee.

Most coffee percolators are restricted to 2-8 cups of coffee though larger aluminum models can make 9-12 cups. By ‘cups’, it’s also worth understanding that this isn’t regular 1-cup units. It’s 5-ounce cups. This is another difference between automatic drip coffee machines and coffee percolators.

Try a WORLD FAMO 9-cup aluminum camping coffee percolator. Why they’re made from aluminum is because this is the most lightweight material and easy to handle, compared to steel. Also, because the water and grounds are both in the carafe, brewing can get messy. You’ll want to rinse the percolator and other parts after brewing to prevent stains and buildup. A quick rinse will be all you need.

A camping coffee percolator is extremely convenient, where you may not know if you have electricity or not. Rustproof and corrosion-resistant, it’s the perfect addition to your outdoor accessories you may already have. Get yours today at

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