What Is The Best Lightweight Portable Camping Moon Chair For Outdoor Activities?

‘Camping chairs’ is a category that can be quite diverse, from budget-friendly chairs to more premium and multi-functional chairs. Some are built to be cheap but alright on the body while others are very comfortable but aren’t necessarily as affordable as others. The best lightweight portable camping moon chair will encompass several different components for the average person.


A bulky, hard-to-carry camping chair probably isn’t your best bet for any outing. Even if you’re walking from your car to the beach, you want a chair that’s going to be fully collapsible. If they aren’t, that may make them difficult to pack or carry.

The LIVINGbasics camping moon chair is built from aluminum shock-cord pole structures. The premium-grade aluminum structure sets up easily and can then be folded down to a more compact size for transport.


A portable camping moon chair is going to be used again and again in some pretty harsh environments. Durability matters. Through the heat of the sun, wetness of the rain, and wind, the material and design of your chair are important.

Once again, the LIVINGbasics camping moon chair is made from high-grade aluminum and is equipped with anti-sleep rubber feet to add stability while sitting. The material used is soft and breathable, as comfortable as it’s ready to face the elements.

Check Reviews

When in doubt about what lightweight portable camping chair to buy, look at what past customers have said. The online ratings and reviews can help you determine what’s worth a look. Anything less than a 4/5 star rating is probably not worth entertaining.

The LIVINGbasics chair gets our vote as the best camping chair because of its 4.7/5 rating, in addition to its many additional features that comparable chairs are either lacking in or do not have. From the reinforced structure for stability to the easy carrying and storage, it makes for a perfect chair for any camping, hiking, picnic, or fishing you might be doing.

No tools required to assemble. Securely holds up to 120kg approx. On your next camping trip or outdoor hangout, this will be the chair you’ll want to grab and cozy up in when on the go. It checks all the boxes for what you’ll want in a portable chair and at an affordable price point. For adults and kids, it’s a great choice.

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