How Do You Use An OXO Compost Bin Good Grips Easy Clean?

When we think ‘compost bins’, you probably think about a bin sitting in your backyard or somewhere away. You dump waste there, rotate, mix it, and then the compost can be purposed in a garden at a later date.

The beauty of the OXO compost bin is that it sits right on your countertop. It’s very simple and straightforward to use. For a home cook or a household that wants less waste, a compost bin equipped with what you need from OXO is strongly recommended.

The OXO Compost Bin Good Grips Easy Clean is a 1.75 gallon or 6.62-liter capacity portable bin. It’s easy to carry and remove. It has a real tidy, modern look to it, sure to fit into any kitchen aesthetic.

Here is how to use a compost bin in the kitchen. By doing so, you can make energy from food scraps.

Step 1 – Place A Bag Inside

You don’t want to wreck the inside of your compost container with parcels of food. Put a bag or liner inside. The unique design of the OXO compost bin can easily hold the liner in place while you’re filling it with organic material.

Step 2 – Lift The Lid And Fill

When you want to use it, lift the lid and toss in your food waste. Here is a short list of popular compost bin foods.

  • Raw fruits.
  • Raw vegetables.
  • Houseplants.
  • Coffee grounds or tea leaves.
  • Coffee filters or tea bags.
  • Nut shells.
  • Pulverized egg shells.

Do not ever put meat in an OXO compost bin. Although it’s organic, it will not decompose and does not maintain the same nutrient profile as fruits and vegetables. Meat never does well in a compost bin.

Step 3 – Flip Down The Lid

Flip down the lid when you’re finished. This will lock in all the nasty smells that can arise. You can keep your compost bin anywhere you like – on the top of the kitchen counter is where most put it.

Step 4 – Wait And Empty

Most homes will want to empty the OXO compost bin 1-2 times a week depending on what’s added. You can take the waste at that time and add them to your organic waste bin or an outdoor compost bin if you have one. What the OXO compost bin does is make it easy to separate organic waste from non-organic waste.

Get your OXO compost bin today from and see how easy it is to use in your household!

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