Why The OXO Pop Rectangle Medium Container Is The Best Way To Store Food In Your Pantry

There are lots of ways to store food in a pantry. A food product’s original packaging. In clipped bags. In boxes or carrying containers.

For most people, they keep their food in its original packaging up until it’s gone. Which is fine. Packaging is often bulky though. The bags and boxes come in different sizes. They aren’t necessarily going to look amazing put into a pantry room or cabinet.

If you have an eye for home décor as well, it can be really unsightly to open your pantry and witness all different logos and odd colors that don’t really vibe with the type of food in there. Having your own set of OXO POP rectangle containers allow you to present a more natural kitchen, pantry, and food aesthetic.

They’re Large

Unlike the containers you find at any dollar store or Walmart, OXO containers have a large capacity. You can buy foods in bulk and really stock up. They’re even large enough for breadsticks and similarly sized food items.

They’re Heavy-Duty Plastic

Plastic isn’t a bad word, in this case. A glass container is overly heavy, can fall and break, and anyone with difficulty moving around the house is going to have trouble with it. A heavy-duty plastic container though won’t break if it falls to the floor, is easy to handle, and the lid on top makes this perhaps the simplest design possible for a storage container of this sort.

As Many As You Like

Although there are OXO container sets, buying the OXO containers individually allow you to customize and have the exact number you need.

See Your Food

The OXO POP Rectangle Medium Container is see-through. You will always be able to see the quality of your food and what container you’re pulling out. It’s a more natural way to build a pantry.

Airtight Seal To Keep Pests Away

The airtight seal that’s built into the lid is done with the push of a button. It will keep pests away from your pantry staples.


Lastly, when it comes time to wash your OXO POP containers, all you have to do is take it apart and put it in your dishwasher. All of its dishwasher safe.

When you’re stocking up your pantry, you want storage you can rely on. Shop OXO POP Rectangle Medium Containers at ShopperPlus.ca today and keep your pantry or kitchen tidy with style. They’re quality-made and you’ll be itching to get more from the moment you pick up your first.

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