Have you Heard about LED Party Balloons – Visit Living.ca

LED party balloon from Living.ca
LED party balloon from Living.ca


Canada is just beginning to see its first glimpses of summer peak out after a particularly long winter. Alongside summer comes patio parties and fun of all kinds. If you like to plan parties or are looking for something unique to throw into the mix of usual party supplies, try LED party balloons.


Give guests something to talk about and take advantage of a dark room or night setting. LED party balloons can be purchased in solid colors or marble design, providing unique lighting that would make the perfect addition to any nighttime party activities.

LED party balloon from Living.ca
LED party balloon from Living.ca

Also, as a great conversation piece, they aren’t super expensive either as long as you know where to buy them. All in all, LED party balloons are a pretty cool party supply idea and they can be purchased today at discount through Living.ca.


Even if the plan is not necessarily to buy, if you have never heard of these party balloons, we recommend checking out the Living.ca site for some examples of what we’re talking about. They are very practical in terms of adding to an aesthetic and are as cute as anything. Be it for a birthday, an intimate gathering with friends, a work party, or a wedding, LED party balloons might be one of those things that you would have never thought you needed until you had them.


Please feel free to browse some of our biggest selling products in the LED party balloon category. These include LED Light Up Balloon Marble 9″ 3Pcs – ILLOOMS ® for $3.99, LED Light Up Balloon Solid Pink, Purple & White 9″ 3Pcs – ILLOOMS ® also for $3.99, and LED Light Up Balloon 12 Mixed Color 9″ 12Pcs – ILLOOMS ® for $11.99.


The next time you’re buying for a party, as most of us know, some of the first decisions a party planner will make will involve theme and colors. Even outside of their uniqueness, LED party balloons are another opportunity to add color to the room. Accommodating just about any theme, they can be used to emphasize and bold certain colors, or can be used to detract from the colors that are already in the room. If it’s an adult-oriented party with alcoholic beverages, many of our customers have actually paired these balloons with different beverages being served, such as pairing a red with a cherry.


No doubt something worth thinking about, these LED party balloons are one of the many supplies one can find at Living.ca to add something a little extra special to the room. Ideal for spring, summer, fall, and winter, trade in the traditional for a new take on party supplies!

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