The cheapest umbrella deal in Canada! Less than $10

Catch this umbrella deal before the next rainy day, the 32” Clear Dome Bubble Manual Open PVC Umbrella, for just $5.99, on!

Umbrella deal in Canada

This rain device protects you from downpours while giving you a transparent safety bubble to enhance your visibility under cloudy skies and keep you from walking into passersby. Made out of 100% polyester, this umbrella never gives into gusts of wind, and allows you to cover your body from your head down to your shoulders while remaining completely see-through; in case you feel the need to hunker down, you’ll still be able to foresee any obstacles or pedestrians you might otherwise bump into during unfavourable conditions.

Buy the cheapest transparent umbrella deal online!
Buy the cheapest transparent umbrella deal online!

Don’t get stuck indoors because all you’ve got access to is yet another flimsy umbrella.


Is your town infamous for its unfortunate air pressure or unyielding windiness? Do you walk along the shore, even before a storm, just to get home quicker? Stuck hoofing it back from the bus station after school or work? Well, it will be water off a duck’s back, after purchasing this affordable, durable, stylish and safe 32-inch long, 30-inch diameter umbrella. is all about providing you with the most amount of discounts and deals possible that you won’t find in traditional brick and mortar shops, so you can avoid meandering around town looking to find the right buys to satisfy you. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’ve got it, with unbeatable affordability and unwavering quality.


With warehouses in Vancouver and Montreal, shipments couldn’t be quicker, with fast shipping available on any order for just $5.95, and free shipping included on all orders totaling $49 and up.


So, stock up and get these umbrellas for everyone in the family! Go wild and get everybody at the office one, and they will love you for it. Fill an umbrella stand with them and keep a spare just in case you’ve got company.


Don’t get caught in the rain!


This umbrella will make any rainy day feel like a visit in the Crystal Palace. Dignified, classy, and above all sturdy, this device can make the worst of days into the quaintest, and keep you warm and dry. Don’t make the mistake of picking up a dollar store gamp that turns inside out at the first encounter of a strong breeze like a cocktail umbrella. Purchase something that lasts, something that holds together, something that works.


Get the Clear Dome Bubble Umbrella today at

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