5 Tips for Starting your First 4-Tier Portable Mini Greenhouse this Summer

If traditional gardening is ‘been there and done that’ for you, consider taking it to the next level with a greenhouse!


No, no, no, we’re not talking about building a permanent installation of a greenhouse on your property. We’re talking about something portable and easy to install, such as Living.ca’s 4-tier portable mini greenhouse. A greenhouse can really open up the possibilities in terms of where to take your garden. There are a few tips we want to mention though if you’re considering setting up your first greenhouse.


Tip 1 – Think of what you can plant that you never could before


Starting a 4-tier portable mini greenhouse will provide you the chance to grow plant and crops you never could before. That’s because a greenhouse offers more shelter and higher temperatures, stretching out the growing season significantly.


Tip 2 – A small model such as a 4-tier easily suits any budget


Budget is the biggest barrier in terms of setting up a greenhouse for most Canadian households. Thanks to the 4-tier portable mini greenhouse for under $50, it makes this a low-cost investment. It’ll also give some indication into whether you want a bigger greenhouse in the future.


Tip 3 – Know where to place it


A greenhouse should have an ideal spot underneath as much sunshine as possible. Be sure to take into consideration where that might be on your property. Try to avoid structures which cast shadows like walls, fences, hedges, or other buildings.


Tip 4 – Make sure it’s on something solid


You don’t want your greenhouse to blow away so it needs to be on something where there’s not any chance of that happening. Because this 4-tier greenhouse is not a permanent installation, this part of the process is important. Wherever you’ve installed it, make sure it’s on a solid, well-built base.


Tip 5 – Be aware of the maintenance require


A greenhouse requires constant evaluation and re-evaluation of its growing space, how it’s doing with maintaining heat, and watering. Unlike simply planting seeds, a greenhouse requires more attention and thereby can be a little more time-consuming in terms of monitoring everything that’s going on.


Buy the 4 Tier Portable Mini Greenhouse, Winter Garden Plants Warm House – GreenWise™ from Living.ca for only $45.99. The high quality design includes 4 shelves which can easily be installed on any deck, patio, or balcony. The unique thickening cover has a roll-up zipper door designed for cold and wind resistance while keeping warmth and moisture inside. The strong push fit tubular steel frame assembles within minutes and does not require any tools to do so. Ultimately, the biggest advantage to the 4-tier portable mini-greenhouse is its ability to give seed, seedlings, and young plants an early start ahead of the traditional gardening season.

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