Throw out the Fidget Spinner, This Summer is All about Stress-Free Squeeze Toys

Fidget spinners, squeeze toys, and other stress relief products are a great way to keep busy and to rid one’s self of some of the negative effects of stress. If anxiety or panic attacks are common and/or appear to be coming on more than usual, buying a stress-relieving toy might prove to be an excellent way to keep things calm. Throughout the past two years, fidget spinners have been a favourite however many Canadians actually find stress-free squeeze toys to be significantly more useful.

Living basic stress relief toy
Living basic stress relief toy

The world is going crazy for stress-free toys and there’s nothing more powerful in its stress relieving qualities than squeeze toys. The Soft Squishy Toy Slow Rising Stress Relief Fun Squeeze Toy, Pony – LivingBasics™ is available today from for only $4.99 on special offer. These stress-free squeeze toys are available as a rainbow bridge, mermaid, or pony. Cute and slow rising, choose the design that best suits your personality. Though once associated purely with school kids, adults have been getting in on stress-free squeeze toys for over a decade. Now you can too!


Continued use of this stress-free relief toy has been shown to help relieve stress, increase blood circulation as a rehabilitation exercise, and comes with an aesthetic that is easily placed into interior decoration, festival item, and fun gifts for family. Nervous energy is a very real thing however when one earns how to control it and express it, nervous energy can be dissipated. When this energy leaves the body, one might also notice improvements in focus. Keeping the hands engaged, the mind engaged, and a continual release of stress are all positives.


If you’ve never had a stress relief product before, this soft squishy toy is a great place to start. It’s more than just having something to do with your hands. Fun stress relieving products are just a click away and they can help tap into more calm, creative vibes. An update on the classic stress ball of all, you won’t be disappointed shopping the Soft Squishy Toy Slow Rising Stress Relief Fun Squeeze Toy, Pony – LivingBasics™ for $4.99 with


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