Buy a Smart Lock for Android from and Lock Down your Valuables with Tech

The smart lock reviews are in and we’re proud to say they’re excellent! The smart lock for Android from has been rated ‘simple to use’, ‘reliable in performance’, and ‘the perfect smart solution for Android-friendly users’.


More Canadians than ever are looking at smart locks for their homes and valuables. More households and commercial spaces are re-designing how they lock their properties as well, switching from traditional options to more contemporary tech. Browsing, find the perfect smart lock for Android and lock down your valuables wherever you go. Use it on doors, cabinets, bikes, backpacks, storage lockers, and more.


The BT Waterproof APP Button / Fingerprint / Password Unlock Anti-Theft Padlock Lock for Android iOS is on special offer right now from for only $49.99. Free shipping is included on this smart lock for Android to anywhere in Canada. The keyless convenience allows you to unlock it from your smartphone, ensuring you never lose your keys or the combination. Suitable for any Android or iOS system, installation is as simple as a download.


Numerous Canadians have stumbled upon our smart lock for Android and have been pleasantly surprised with their purchases. Feedback has continued to be positive and enthusiastic, making it easy for non-believers to surrender their traditional lock privilege to something smart. The lock does not necessarily need to function strictly via smartphone either. Unlock it by button, fingerprint, or password. Lock it by scanning, BT, or number code. It’s also possible to share access by scanning a QR code and/or by adding an additional account directly. is a fast growing Canadian eCommerce company specializing in home storage and home improvement products, like smart locks. has worked with our suppliers and manufacturers to negotiate the best possible pricing for our customers – and all without sacrificing any quality of product. The build quality of this smart lock is sturdy and well-built, the installation takes no more than a couple minutes to do, and pairing it with your smartphone is no problem. The security is high, ensuring your smart lock for Android is as secure as possible.


The smart lock is very accommodating to familiar and unfamiliar users both. There’s no forgetting or losing your keys and you can even tag on guests as needed. Through your smartphone, you can let someone in while you’re away, for example, to feed pets or do some housecleaning. Monitor the security of your things from wherever you might be. Buy the smart lock for Android and turn up the security with today!

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