Cycle while you Work with this Height Adjustable Bicycle Workstation!

Cycling at work with a bike desk might seem super unrealistic for most however those whose bodies and minds are up to the task, it can be quite the rush. In recent years, there’s been plenty of press on ergonomic sit-stand desks that raise and lower according to user preference. Sit when you want, stand when you want. When standing, the muscles in your legs activate and you engage your body in this way while simultaneously avoiding the posture issues prominent in prolonged sitting.


The exercise bike desk takes things to the next level. For fitness junkies in the office, this is the perfect challenge. Instead of standing while you work, you can now bicycle while you work. Though the initial ten or fifteen minutes getting started might be distracting, most users overcome this initial awkwardness. When they really get going, it can help catch them some valuable exercise that they might not otherwise get. Living a sedentary office life doesn’t always mean you’ll make it to the gym that day. The exercise bike desk is the answer to a day stuck tapping on a keyboard, sitting at a desk, or staring at a screen.


Cycle while you work with this incredible deal from For its discount price of $499.99 with free shipping included, when you shop with, save over $400 off its retail market price of $899.99. No installation required, the bicycle workstation features an ultra-silence design with a magnetic tension control system, ensuring smooth movement without pause. The fully adjustable desktop with forward, back, up and down adjustability is perfect for sitting or standing positions. Enjoy the exercise digital displays, showing time, speed, distance, and calories burned. These are just a few of the reasons why the Exercise Desk Bike Folding Desk Cycle Height Adjustable Bike PrimeCables® was a featured product in the 2018 CES Innovation Awards.


There’s no good reason anymore to just sit there from 9 am to 5 pm with nothing for your body to do. Improve posture, increase blood flow, and maximize the opportunity to engage the body. Contemporary desk design has evolved. The bike desk might be challenging for some and it’s not made for everybody but for those select few, this makes for an amazing addition to their work routine.


Desk work and cycling is a unique combination. Years ago, this would have seemed so strange. Today, for $499.99, buy it today from Purchase it on discount and be cycling on your height adjustable bike desk within a matter of weeks!

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