Fun Party Balloons that can Work Wonders for your Summer Party

Summer party planning is an exercise in building atmosphere, energy, and vibes. To those who pull it off successfully, it’s like seeing a thematic fairy tale come to life. Summer parties are one of the most exciting parts of season, bringing together family, friends, and the local community. Summer party balloons are one of several party supplies that can help create that atmosphere and excitement. For the top 5 fun party balloons for your summer party, here’s’s list.


The Mix Standard Balloons Helium Quality 12″ 25Pcs LIVINGbasics™ for $1.99 is a classic, traditional solid color option that would work great for everything from children’s birthday parties to non-themed summer shindigs. A summer party entails so many different things. If you want to keep your balloons simple and non-distracting, this might be a way to go.


The 6 Emoji mix Balloons Helium Quality 12″ 20Pcs LIVINGbasics™ for $2.99 is another option. For social media types, millennials, or across younger, fun parties, emoji balloons can help make any space feel alive. All ages love this emoji mix of balloons. For summer cookouts, pool parties, or get-together with friends, create epic memories with strategic placements of elements like these.


The HAPPY BIRTHDAY Foil Balloon Letter Banner Gold 14″ 1Pcs LIVINGbasics™ for $3.99 is a necessity for any upscale summer birthday party. Be it for kids, adults, or seniors, these foil balloon letters are a great way to show someone the effort you’ve put into planning their party. The gold color also applies well to indoor and outdoor settings.


The Animal Balloons Assorted Color 4Pcs for $0.99 is an option you might feel is more appropriate for a young child or someone very much into animals. Coming in four colors, these are great to mix in with more traditional options. As part of’s growing collection of children’s birthday party supplies, these animal balloons have been a popular choice among parents.


The Clear Helium Bobo Balloon with LED String Light Party Decoration 18″ – LIVINGbasics™ for $3.99 is the last entry on our list of fun party balloons for your summer 2018 party. Though more expensive, these clear helium balloons with LED string lights are great for a summer’s night dance party. Twenty-somethings have been the biggest buyer of these, proving them to be a go-to for the university crowd.


Visit any time of year to find fun party balloons, including a mix of foil balloons, LED balloons, number and letter balloons, printed balloons, colored balloons, novelty balloons, and various balloon accessories.

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