Back-to-School Supplies you can’t go without!

Back to school is on at! We’ve got all the back-to-school supplies you’ll need as a parent or educator to get students back into gear after a long, hot summer vacation. We’ve got 5 of the must-have back-to-school accessories you can order today. Order all five and you’ll get free shipping to anywhere in Canada.


  1. Colour pens

Being able to correct mistakes, sign forms, and leave comments is easier in colour! Right now, you can purchase 10 PaperMate® InkJoy™ pens, in blue, black, and red, on sale for just $1.73. If you frequently use large sheets of paper to make lists, take suggestions, and draw for your class, you might want to consider getting the Time 4 Crafts Paintbrush Markers, for $1.99.


  1. Laminator

Having a personal laminator saves tons of time for classroom activities, lesson plans, the whole megillah, because you won’t be needing to wait for the old machine to fire up to laminate just a page or two. Right now, you can get the Fellowes® Cosmic™2 95 Laminator with Pouch Starter Kit for just $131.89, which includes free shipping.


  1. Plastic Cutlery

Having reusable plastic cutlery on hand will solve a lot of problems when food is on the table, ready to eat. Whether you’re throwing a class potluck, serving cake for somebody’s birthday, or a visitor drops off goodies for the kids, you’ll be ready with the 24-piece LivingBasics™ Premium Silver Plastic Fork/Knife/Spoon Set, on sale now for just $0.99!


  1. Thank you notes

Having formal thank you notes in your desk drawer or on your shelf comes in handy when a student, parent, or colleague gives you an unexpected gift. We have 10 blank Thank you notes with envelopes available for just $1.49.


  1. Miniature toolkit

Having some tools around is never a bad thing! Rather have it and not need it, so the saying goes. We’ve got an excellent sale on our 17-Piece General Repair Hand Tool Set, originally $39.99, priced now at just $9.99! This portable little kit includes a hammer, wrench, multi-bit screwdriver, and pair of pliers, so you can tinker and fix just about anything in your classroom, whether it’s a loose bulletin board, chair, desk, toy, or technical student project. It’s excellent for home use, too, so stock up while supplies last!


We’ve got everything you need for back-to-school season, including all the school supplies and accessories you could imagine. Visit us today, at!

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