Top 5 Best Selling Beads in Canada for Arts and Crafts from

Anyone with a passion for making arts and crafts may commonly use beads for a variety of purposes including necklaces, wrist braces, and more. There’s even some who collect beads, hanging onto them sans crafting because of how pretty and unique some of them are.


For anyone crazy about beads and beads-based crafts, we invite you to check out, one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites. These are the top 5 best beads in Canada, available on discount today from


The 50g Plastic Heart Beads with String, Colorful DIY Cracft – KidsKraft for $1.29 is a great gift for those just getting involved with beads-based craftwork. For handmade Valentine’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, and other love-friendly occasions, these heart beads will suit the day perfectly.


The 40g Plastic Small Beads with String, Colorful DIY Craft – KidsKraft for $0.99 is a more multi-purpose product, appropriate for most general arts and crafts. For those seeking beads to experiment with and to create something truly unique, beads like these will go a long way.


The Colorful Wood Beads with String for DIY Craft, 60 Pieces – KidsKraft for $0.99 are another favourite among those seeking to be their own arts and craft entrepreneur. For anyone considering selling their arts and crafts, colorful wood beads are something to please everyone.


The 6mm 25g Polished Pearl Beads, Natural Color – Time 4 Crafts for $0.99 are one of the more luxurious looking beads and great for upper class crowds. Build your own fancy arts and crafts with polished pearl beads like these and arrange them as you see fit. These are one of the biggest selling beads among our artisans who exhibit and sell their own art.


The Plastic Square Alphabet Beads with String for DIY Craft, Multi-Sizes – KidsKraft for $1.29 is the top selling beads variety pack has in its catalogue. Get inspired and use these to communicate a message in spelling. For alphabet beads, you won’t find a better deal than this. The fact that there’s so much variety included makes it easy to entertain one’s creative urges.


Browse these five favourites and dozens more in’s eCommerce catalogue. Go direct, classic, eclectic, or abstract with your beads. It’s all up to you how you want to build and interpret your artwork. Perfect to make gifts from for family and friends, for personal use, or to make more creative arts and crafts, get quirky with beads on discount! Purchase any five arts and crafts products, and receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada.

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