Get your Double Sleeping Bag Waterproofed, and Ready to go for Camping and Summer Festivals!

Bargain camping shopping is here and just in time for what’s expected to be a very beautiful August. There’s no camping accessory more important, arguably, than your sleeping bag. After all, if you can’t manage to get a comfortable night’s rest, your day is probably not going to go too well. So having a comfortable, well manufactured, waterproofed sleeping bag is a must. is offering exclusive deals, discounts, and sales on summer camping accessories, including its own double sleeping bag. From, buy the Double Sleeping Bag with 2 Pillows and a Carrying Bag, Waterproof Lightweight 2 Person PHAT™ on limited time sale for $39.99 with free shipping included to anywhere in Canada.


Cozy and warm, this double sleeping bag will keep you nice and toasty throughout the night. Featuring weather resistance up to -10 Celsius, get the protection you need to stay comfortable. The high quality water-resistant 210T polyester lined with TC fabric and filled with cotton ensures maximum comfort every minute of the night.


Use your double sleeping bag on your own or with a partner. No matter how many people are inside, it’s going to provide the same support. If you’re a lover of camping or summer festivals, this is the perfect bargain discount for you. also has several other camping accessories that may be of interest to regular campers. Also, another bonus with this double sleeping bag is that let’s say you’re going camping with a friend who may not be too enthused about sleeping in the same sack as you. No problem! Besides acting as a giant sleeping bag, you can also detach them into two completely individual sleeping bags.


With this waterproofed double sleeping bag, receive two small pillows and the ability to pack it in and carry it to wherever you need to go. Believe us when we say the carrying bag will come in handy. Please feel free to browse the other camping accessories currently on sale. There’s a wide variety of items for under-$50 that are bound to provide comfort for camping enthusiasts.


When it comes to feeling comfortable while you camp, wants to be your go-to. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites in this space, we’re happy to be able to bring products to you at prices that you won’t find anywhere else. Be it camping with a spouse or romantic partner, taking in the experience on your own, or heading out with the family, sleeping bags are an essential. Considering the price and everything included, we’ve got you covered.

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