Which Portable USB Battery Charger should you buy – a Discussion

A portable USB charger goes a long way. With so many options out there though, which USB battery charger should you buy – well, here’s an option. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce brands out there, Living.ca is offer a high quality portable external USB power bank for under $20 that simply blows away the competition.


If you’re on a budget, this model is a great find as its performance is competitive to chargers three or four times more expensive. So the next time you’re looking for the best portable USB battery charger for your devices, visit Living.ca and we’d be happy to show you why more Canadians are calling us their go-to for consumer tech.


There are many impressive USB accessories between Living.ca and its sister site, PrimeCables. In terms of what the best portable USB battery charge is, we recommend buying the 10000mAh Portable External Battery Charger Power Bank USB Type-C USB A Dual Output – PrimeCables® for $16.99.


The aforementioned USB battery charger power bank is small enough to throw into a purse, handbag, or a coat pocket, and will ensure you’re never left anywhere without a way to charge your smartphone. Instead of having to rely on others, rely on yourself with this beautiful product. When you’re on the go, all you need to do is plug in and automatically it charges. No tap. No holding a button. It’s that easy. As long as the power bank has a charge, it’ll work its magic.


The 10000mAh Portable External Battery Charger Power Bank USB Type-C USB A Dual Output – PrimeCables® features an amazing battery capacity, overcurrent protection, the capacity to power and charge any USB-powered devices, and includes its own micro-USB charging cable. The only thing that any consumer has to concern themselves with is, before leaving the home, ensure the USB power bank has been properly charged. Like we said, as long as it’s been charged and/or has a charge to it, you can’t go wrong with it. Let’s say you’re going on a camping trip or hiking this summer, having a USB power bank like this provides some peace of mind. Needless to say, at this price point, you won’t find a better product in its category.


Visit Living.ca for more information on exclusive deals, discounts, and accessories relating to USB accessories and tech products that could help you in your summer adventures. Living.ca is the right place to shop for Canadians seeking the highest quality products at the lowest prices in Canada. Browse excellent summer sale products, including the external USB battery charger power bank.

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