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Party tablewareis extremely useful for hosting special events at home, large gatherings, even Hockey Night. Our premium plastic tableware is a great compromise for serving guests, that’s got the formal look of high-class cutlery and the price and disposability of dollar store gear. We have utensils, plates, cups, napkins, table skirts and covers, kits, and more available right now at!


Order any five items and receive free shipping anywhere in Canada. Our warehouses are located in Montreal and Vancouver, so you’ll get it quick. If quick’s not quick enough for you, add fast shipping to any product for just $5.95.


If your seating arrangement involves the dining room table, picnic table, or what have you, then you’ll appreciate our table covers, available in dozens of colours, for rectangular and round tables alike.


The Rectangular Plastic Table Cover, just $0.99, measures 54″x108″ and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Available in 25 solid colours, pick the cover that suits your décor, your party’s theme, your favourite team, or whatever! This reusable cover is easy to clean and protects your tabletop from spills, stains, nicks and scratches.


The Round Plastic Table Cover, only $1.29, is available in 26 colours and measures 84” in diameter. It’s a great addition to the rectangular cover, to carry the colour of your decorations throughout the room, and perfect for a condiments, drinks, or dessert table.


Speaking of drinking, the 10oz. LIVINGbasics™ Premium Party Plastic Tumblers with Silver Rim, normally priced at $1.99 per set, is on sale until July 31st, for just $0.99. Each bundle includes 8 disposable tumblers that are appropriate for serving wine, blended drinks, juice, soda, water, etc., which feature a silver rim and silver-dipped stem. Great on their own or together with our other silver-accented plastic party tableware.


Such as the LIVINGbasics™ Premium Silver Plastic Mix Fork/Knife/Spoon Set, with 24 pieces total, for only $0.99 until the end of the month; and the 10-piece Premium Plastic Party Dinner Plate 10.25″ White with Silver Rim Set, regularly $3.99, now on sale for $2.99! These plates look like real china but are easily disposable plastic plates.


Upgrade your guests from expecting flimsy and brittle plastic partyware to these affordable, fancy-looking tableware products.


And don’t forget the napkins! Available in 22 different colours, just $0.99 for a pack of 20.


For all your plastic party tableware ideas and supplies, come and browse our complete catalogue at today!

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