It’s time to organize your coffee pods!

Kitchen organizers give your cooking space huge potential, and coffee pod organizers are just as important. At, we’ve got a selection of solutions for organizing your coffee capsules, so you can consolidate your java and execute your brew, before consolidating and executing files all day at work!


The SortWise™ Coffee Pod Storage Drawer For 36 Dolce Gusto Coffee Capsules is on sale now for just $16.99. This metal mesh stand with mat rack features a sleek and sexy drawer which holds up to 36 coffee pods, with enough room on top to place your coffee maker (about 39cm x 35cm), or milk, cream, sugar, and stir sticks. Lovely for renovated home kitchens and essential for office space break rooms, this metal drawer has a rubber top, to securely hold your machinery, and can be used to stack drawers, allowing you to organize over a hundred pods in one convenient, tidy location.


The SortWise™ Storage Drawer for 40 Nespresso Coffee Pods, just $15.99, holds enough for everyone in the office to brew an extra-large cup of joe every day. Similar in design and function to the Dolce Gusto storage drawer, this one is slightly thinner and longer, making it ideal for placing alongside your coffee maker, measuring at 21.5cm in width. These make great gifts, especially for the home, as they fit about anywhere on the countertop, giving you and your family a go-to location for morning coffee.


The SortWise™ Rotating Coffee Pod Rack For 40 Nespresso Coffee Pods is just $15.99, as well, and stands 39cm tall, allowing you to fit it easily onto small countertops. This spinning rack makes organizing pods by brew and flavour a cinch and has a beautiful chrome wire frame with stainless steel finish. It’s slender enough to tuck away easily into your cupboard or pantry at the end of the day. Or you can leave it on the kitchen table as a centerpiece. It has a rubber base for support, so it remains sturdy, even when fully stocked.


Spend $49 or more and get free shipping nationwide! We have warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, so wherever in Canada you’re shopping, you’ll get what you need in a week or two. If you need your order delivered in a day or two, you can add fast shipping for just $5.95, coast to coast.


For all your coffee pod organizers, kitchen organization and storage solutions, and more, come and browse our immense catalogue at!

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