We’ve got new cosmetic storage solutions for you at Living.ca!

Cosmetics and makeup storage is crucial to keeping a tidy living space, and at Living.ca, we’ve got the best in cosmetic drawers and organizers in the nation.


Our most popular item is the SortWise™ Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Storage with 3 Detachable Drawers, just $18.59. This DIY cube-drawer cosmetics storage solution couldn’t be easier to use. Pick the best place in your bedroom or bathroom to install it, set it up according to your cosmetics collection, and add to it throughout the year.


Its see-through design, multi-purpose use, and portability make it one of the most practical ways to store your lipstick, makeup, brushes, nail polish, mascara, blush, and eyeliner. Three drawers below, 16 slots on top, and additional space for large products like brushes and bottles, this little unit really holds everything you use on a daily basis.


If you like the storage capacity but want something a little more showy, then check out the alternative top compartment version, on clearance now for just $15.99.


If you like having drawers for storage, then you’ll love the SortWise™ 7 Drawer Makeup Organizer, on sale now for $23.99! You get the same three drawers on the bottom, but with an additional four drawers on top, in a 5-tier setup that’s easy to access, easy to organize, and easy to fit into any décor.


If you’re all about nails, then you’ll want the SortWise™ Nail Polish Display Rack, just $17.99. This 5-tier, bleacher-style display rack holds up to 35 nail polish bottles, so you can see every colour at your disposal. It’s great for holding nail polish, nail polish remover, brushes, lipstick, and more.


If your bedroom is your salon, then you’re going to need the SortWise™ Extra-Large Makeup Organizer, priced at $59.99. This huge, cube-shaped storage box features five drawers and upper compartment for a six-tier organization system. Tons of room, you can fit makeup, jewelry, and accessories in this all-in-one solution. Its majestic, transparent design allows you to inventory everything without lifting a finger. Put all your stuff away and keep your space clean and organized with this Extra-Large Makeup Organizer.


We’ve got warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, so wherever you place an order, you’ll get what you need quickly anywhere in the country. Spend $49 or more and get free shipping, coast to coast. If you need it in a hurry, you can add fast shipping to any product for just $5.95.


For all your cosmetics and makeup storage needs, visit Living.ca today!

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