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Vacuum storage bags are vacuum seal bags that allow you to compress the air inside to minimize volume. At, we’ve got the best deal for you in all of Canada.

The SortWise™ Vacuum Storage Bags, Travel Space Saver, 5 Pack (70X60cm) is now just $7.55. These high-quality, reusable bags are handy in all sorts of situations: putting away seasonal clothing and decorations like winter jackets or Christmas stockings, packing up linens and clothing for a move, and reducing the volume up to 80% to maximize the potential of your trailer, storage unit, or home storage space.


What more can we tell you? They’re easy to use!


These SortWise™ Vacuum Storage Bags feature a double zip seal for easy access, as well as a triple-seal turbo valve, to quickly and effectively remove air from inside, fitting any conventional vacuum cleaner nozzle.


The high-quality PA material give the bags a long lifespan, because they are mold-proof, moisture-proof, moth-proof and odour-proof. They’re easy to fill up, unpack, clean, and reseal.


The triple-seal turbo valve is superior in design to most other vacuum storage bags, because it doesn’t allow airflow into the bag once you’ve sucked out all the air. It’s an airtight, one-way valve that you can rely on to perform your spring cleaning or move fast.


These bags will save up to three times the amount of space necessary to pack all your things away at home, on the road, or on the go. Tidy up your closet, load up your suitcase, duffel bag, or backpack with these versatile, resealable SortWise™ Vacuum Storage Bags.


Available in three options: a 5-pack of 70x60cm bags (SW-VSB -001), for $7.55; a 5-pack of 80x60cm bags (SW-VSB -002), on sale now for $7.55; and, a 6-pack of 100x80cm bags (SW-VSB -003), on sale now for $11.99.


You can order a pack now and receive it in a week or two, but we have a few promos and shipping options that might suit your needs better. Order $49 or more and you get free shipping, anywhere in Canada.


Our warehouses are located in Montreal and Vancouver, so no matter where you are in the country, you’ll get what you need quickly. If you need it to arrive faster, you can add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for $5.95, and get it in a couple days.


We’re all about home storage solutions, and vacuum storage bags are one of our many specialties. Visit us today, at!

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