Get something fun for the whole family, the door-mounted cat house at!

Cat accessories are one of our specialties at We love cats and have the best door-mounted cat house available for just $30.99, one of the gems in our pet furniture catalogue.


The SortWise™ Door-Mounted Cat House is a sturdy, three-level funhouse for your cats that’s durable and easy to install on any door in the house. No tools required, just unfold it and mount, and your cats are ready to lounge and play!


Height adjustable and easy to clean, this door-mounted cat house is made out of waterproof 600 Denier nylon fabric and includes two nylon straps (296cm in length) that hook up around your door to give your felines a safe playhouse to hang out in.


Each room in the cat house has its own opening, as well as a mesh screen window, so your cat or cats can poke their head out, hop out, and receive pets.


Easy to assemble and take down, it takes minutes to set up and detach and it can be folded up for easy storage.


The polyester material is reinforced with cardboard, so cats can fall asleep inside the cat house, and the mesh windows ensure that there’s ample airflow so they can breathe easily within the fort.


It’s also extremely portable, so you can pack it up and take it with you on vacation, giving your cats a familiar place to spend time and get some shuteye, especially if they’re shy when meeting new faces. It’s recommended to install it in a room with lots of natural light to encourage their curiosity and sense of security.


Each section of the house measures 34cm in height, 50cm in width, and 25cm in length, each with a 17cm diameter front-facing window peephole. The entire structure is 125cm in height, with space in between the two rooms to jump around. Weighing 2kgs. in total, it’s sturdy enough for cats of any weight and age. The cat house is available in brown.


Of course, we have great deals for shipping, too. When you spend $49 or more, you get free shipping nationwide. We’ve got warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, so we’ll get it to you quickly, in about a week or two, tops. If you want, you can add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 to get it delivered in a day or two.


We love cats! If you’re looking for cat accessories, pet furniture, or the best door-mounted cat house in the country, visit us today at!

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