We’ve got every kind of living room organizer you need at Living.ca!

We have all kinds of living room organizers and home storage organizers! Whether you need to organize clothes, shoes, toys, books, or trinkets, we have what you need at Living.ca.


Our most popular item in this category is the SortWise™ 12-Cube Wardrobe Organizer, on sale now for $48.99. This DIY plastic shelving unit comes with a dozen 35cm3 cubes built out of plastic and metal that you can assemble into any shape or size of wardrobe organizer to store clothes, shoes, accessories, and more anywhere in your home. Tidy up your clutter and arrange your coats, sweaters, hats, umbrellas and scarves in this all-in-one home storage organizer.


Each cube holds 22lbs. of weight and can be stacked upon one another, giving you an elegant, sturdy structure to hold everything you need to hang up or put away. The transparent doors allow you to see inside each section of the unit and its lightweight, steel frame is durable and easy to lift.


If you have a lot of shoes at home or at work, then you’re going to love the SortWise™ Over-The-Door Shoe Rack, just $18.99. This lightweight metal rack holds up to 36 pairs of shoes, and neatly tucks them away on the back of the closest door. Clear up your landing with this simple solution and give yourself the freedom to walk around without a pile of shoes getting in your way.


If you’re looking for a more conventional way to sort shoes, then you might consider getting the SortWise™ 3-Tier Shoe Rack, on sale now for just $9.99. This metal shoe rack is easy to assemble and fit beside your entrance, inside your front hall closet, or alongside the staircase, fitting up to 18 pairs of shoes in an easy-to-access location.


Whether you reside in an apartment or a house, you might be searching for the SortWise™ 5-Shelf A-Frame Bookcase, on sale now for $69.99, including free shipping. This wooden shelving unit takes up little space, adding vertical storage to any room in your household, for books, toiletries, plants, or pots and pans. Easy to install, its minimalist design goes well with any décor and provides spacious shelving for everything in the room.


We have warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so wherever you order from, you’ll get what you need quickly. Spend $49 or more and get free shipping. Add fast shipping to any order for just $5.95 per item.


For all your living room organizers and home storage solutions, visit us today at Living.ca!

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