Do You Want to be a Weeny for Halloween – here’s a Hot Dog Costume from!

Are you looking for a simple funny costume for both adults and kids – try a hot dog. Available in both adult and child sizes, a weeny keeps it fun and interesting. Buy from and receive your costume with hanger. In 100% polyester, your hot dog costume is an easy solution.


Choosing a Halloween costume is always an inner debate. There’s always the question of whether a costume idea is going to be appropriate, if it’s going to be unique enough, funny enough, sexy enough, or whatever the case. Halloween is such a great occasion to dress up that, especially if you’re scheduled to hit up a club or go out with friends to a Halloween party, there’s a lot of pressure.


The great thing about a hot dog costume is that it’s very adaptable to different occasions and different years. If you need to reuse it or you have hopes about possibly selling it or giving it away, that’s more than possible with a costume like this.


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A hot dog costume for Halloween helps to bring down some of the creepiness of the occasion. An easy look to nail, a lot of fun can be had October 31st with a hot dog costume. If you want to take things a step further, there’s no shortage of possibilities to customize. What about a zombie hot dog – the undead walk again! What about a vampire hot dog – a hot dog that will suck your blood! Consider combining one or two different costume possibilities together, using a mix of makeup, wigs, and costume accessories to get there. It’s all up to the wearer what they hope to accomplish. If you’re looking to get your Halloween look down perfect, buy ahead and get the best deal in Canada on your getup with Check in with today for all the best prices on Halloween party supplies, costume accessories, and décor!

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