6 Best DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Families using Materials from Living.ca

Family Halloween costumes are a creative way to get involved in the spookiest holiday of the year. So much more fun when the entire family is involved, there’s several different family costume ideas you may want to consider.


Family game night


Game-themed family Halloween costumes can take a bit of work and entrepreneurship to get done however when done right, it can really make an impression. Using things like an old Twister mat, duct tape, white clothes, and permanent marker, a lot can be accomplished. Consider your favourite board games like Scrabble, Operation, Checkers, Snakes and Ladders, and others. See if it’s something you may be able to build out into a full family Halloween costume idea.


Beekeeper and bumble bee family


Imagine father playing beekeeper, mother playing mother bee, and baby playing little bumblebee. You can even get your pets involved with little bee outfits for them. If you have a family with multiple kids, this is an easy, inexpensive costume idea. Adorable bee costumes combined with accessories like bee wings, black and white aesthetics, and other funny bee memorabilia.


Alice in Wonderland-style


Alice in Wonderland is a great place to find inspiration. It has such a wide diverse cast of characters, including Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire cat, and so many others. By combining simple materials together, you can make the Mad Hatter’s large, goofy hat, Alice’s blue-and-white dress, and you have some options as to what to dress the kids.


Collection of ‘Where’s Waldo’


Dressing as everyone’s favourite elusive puzzle book icon, the red and white striped costumes are easy to put together. Instantly recognizable, if you want to go all-out, you can with things like binoculars, cameras, and more. If you want to just stick with the basic Waldo costumes, that’s alright as well. There’s a lot of different ways to take a Waldo outfit making it an easy outfit to fit into for all ages and genders.


Hot dog costumes


Halloween hot dog costumes are extremely popular among families. The parents can dress up like ketchup and mustard respectively, while young children can be little hot dogs and hamburgers. In terms of family-friendly costumes, the hot dog motif is something that is also easy to put together and find the materials for. That makes it perfect for any family who wants to have a good Halloween but who are on a budget.


Circus-style Halloween


The last family Halloween costume to make our list is circus-style. Thankfully, the circus has a good crew of different characters to choose from. For families, this leaves the door open for everyone to choose something that represents them. There’s the ringmaster, acrobat, strong-man, lions, elephants, and more. Find the right combination of costumes that work for your family.


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