6 Scary Ideas for the Spookiest Halloween Mask that’ll scare all Your Friends!

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1 – Building a twisted mask from an animal mold


Animals like birds, bears, gorillas, lions, and others can be truly horrifying if you know how to add the right twist on it. It’s simple, while also being terrifying. Take a bird, for example. So scary! Browsing non-Halloween party masks and spray painting them black is a great way to turn something not-so-spooky into something truly horrifying.


2 – Combining a Halloween mask with a wig


If you’ve found the perfect Halloween mask already, consider adding a wig to it. You’d be surprised how much scarier a mask looks when you’ve got a wig’s hairs covering it from the top down. Be it a creepy witch, an undead child, a vampire, or something monstrously different, you can find a high quality Halloween wig from Living.ca.


3 – Creating the ultimate clown mask


We all have different ideas about scary clowns. Though an IT-inspired clown mask is easy, there may be ways to take things further by adding your own unique spin. Clowns are scary to begin with. There’s plenty of options to consider including going for red, black, green, red-haired, red-hat, or something Joker-inspired. Add in sewn-in hair and accessories, and see the horror for yourself!


4 – Zombie masks


Zombies are still on trend. There’s no shortage of zombie masks on the market. Don’t be typical with yours. When you find a good mask you enjoy, tear it up yourself and make it even scarier. Even better yet, consider using a generalized latex mask to create your own zombie mask. Throw on a ripped t-shirt and distressed jeans, and you’ve got yourself a Halloween costume!


5 – Build in LED lights


Coming up with your own Halloween mask LED lights combination can help give things an extra party-esque atmosphere. For example, taking a hockey mask and adding some LED colors adds a sense of fun that wouldn’t otherwise exist. If you know how to make use of LED lights, consider something bright, comfortable, or find your own level of creepiness.


6 – Monster masks


Monster masks are easy to find. That said, the truly scary ones usually fall outside of one’s price range. If you can find a basic monster mask, consider using distressing technique and staining to make it even scarier. Should you choose to go this route, find a mask that is comfortable, breathable, and easy to see out of. After you’ve got the comfort there, you can make it as detailed as you want.


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