What are the Best TV Shows to watch for Halloween that Will Scare your Pants Off!

The best TV shows to watch for Halloween is a popular subject we could discuss for hours. If you’re looking for something simple, short, and with a defined beginning-middle-and-an-end, we’ve got a good list right here for you.


Stranger Things


Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s biggest hits and is likely something you’ve already seen. If you haven’t delved into the world of Stranger Things yet though, giving its first season a watch in the lead-up to Halloween is a great way to share some spooks with the kids!

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American Horror Story


American Horror Story is a series of anthology stories that may or may not be worth exploring. There are more than 7 seasons of American Horror Story to look through. Thankfully, each season is its own story. Choose your favourite! Please note this is an adult-themed series. If you’re kids are not yet teenagers, there’s a lot of adult-oriented subject matter you may not wish to explore.


Castle Rock


Castle Rock was recently released this past summer and has garnered a fair bit of acclaim. Inspired by the novels of Stephen King, this is another adult-themed series however it’s one that has fallen under the radar for many people. This Halloween sale, it marks a great new TV series to start for those that may be out of things to watch.


Penny Dreadful


Penny Dreadful is a bit longer of a story, comprising of three seasons, and blends in a mix of classic horror monsters ranging from Frankenstein’s monster to Van Helsing. If you’re a fan of adult-oriented dramas and classic horror iconography, Penny Dreadful is a great series to jump into.


The Simpsons


For some, there’ll be nothing better to do than browse all of your favourite Treehouse of Horror episodes of The Simpsons. Mixing in some old Halloween-themed Family Guy episodes and some other animated series’ Halloween specials can be a fun way to celebrate!




Mindhunter is a Netflix series that has won much critical acclaim while also having flown under the radar. The series tracks the FBI’s efforts in the 1970s to understand the minds of imprisoned serial killers. Mindhunter is more crime than horror however its subject matter is very scary. Produced by David Fincher, the first season is a great Halloween TV show to jump into!


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