Where’s the Best Place to get Party Supplies on sale in 2018 – read here!

Don’t be shopping Halloween party supplies last minute. I mean, we’ve all done it. We’ve all been there before, where we’ve had to compromise our vision for Halloween and settle for whatever’s left in the bargain bin. As we stand today weeks before the spookiest night of the year, there’s no reason to wait to buy. Visit Living.ca today, get organized, and plan the ultimate Halloween party.

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The Halloween shops around town have plenty of product but in many cases, they’re overpriced. Having to go out, sort through the mess that these stores sometimes become, it’s not worth it when there’s an eCommerce brand like Living.ca out there. From the comfort of your own seat, browse the pages of our catalogue and find the party supplies that best represent the occasion for you.


Some of the best Halloween party supplies on sale in 2018 via Living.ca includes rectangular and round plastic table covers, party streamers, Halloween cutlery, hanging pom poms, mini-puffs, paper balls, napkins, tissue paper fringe garland, hanging swirls, paper lanterns, diamond tissue paper party, honeycomb ball garland, tassels, and more.


Are you looking for a Halloween costume – we have those, too! If you want to get create with it, consider getting some Halloween makeup, a cheap and scary wig, modifying an existing costume, or mixing in alternative materials. All things you might need for a costume, we’re sure we have it in our catalogue. For those not afraid of taking the time to give it a good thorough look, past customers have praised Living.ca as a treasure trove of readymade and DIY ideas.


Be it for Halloween party supplies, costume ideas, or decorations, you can browse one of Canada’s biggest selections of Halloween products online. As we continue to add to our Halloween inventory, please visit back before the big day. As long as there’s time to ship it, there’s no shame in continuing to look for potential ideas. This year, we’re proud to say Living.ca Halloween party supplies will be hung in hundreds of homes and spaces across Canada. Join us and theme in celebrating the most terrifying, horrifying, and spookiest time of year. October 31st is almost here. Search for all the masks, wigs, decorations, supplies, and props you’ll need to make the occasion something special and forever memorable.


If you’re open to buying ahead, Living.ca is the best place to get Halloween party supplies on sale. Save $10, $20, $30, or more. Living.ca is open year-round and inventory is full. We reckon you won’t find a better deal anywhere else!

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