Read these 6 Halloween Food Prank Ideas that are Sure to get a Big Laugh!

Halloween food pranks are a fun, easy, and wonderful way to either spoil someone’s holiday or to scare them right out of their socks. If you have a prankster in the family or in your circle of friends, Halloween’s a great time to get back at them for all they’ve done to others. For the best Halloween prank ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our favourite six!


Get mean with a meat


Chocolate-covered liver is absolutely disgusting, and it pushes the line between deceptive pranking and something that could cause a fight. For those that have attempted to deliver a chocolate-covered liver or something similar, the results have been mixed. If meats like liver is not your thing, you can cover meatballs in chocolate as well for something perhaps a little less pushy.


Chocolates with an unexpected surprise


This is a pretty harmless yet truly disgusting prank. We all love biting into chocolates. As a matter of fact, our taste buds have been trained to react according to expectation. Think of the reaction when you bite into a chocolate that is not in fact a pure Halloween chocolate but, instead, is a chocolate-covered brussels sprout. Truly horrifying!


Candy apples with a twist


A person’s taste buds are all programmed expecting a certain taste from certain foods. As unexpected as a chocolate covered brussels sprout is, imagine a chocolate covered candy apple that is actually a chocolate covered onion. Absolutely disgusting.


Unexpected candy covers


Faux Halloween treats are fun to watch and disappointing for those being pranked. Take classic rounded Halloween candies, unwrap them and replace the chocolate with grapes. As one of the less cruel Halloween food pranks on the list, it’s an easy way to re-purpose food in a fun way.


M&Ms with Skittles


For more experience candy eaters, they’ll know the difference. That said, those people come few and far between. If the lights are down a little bit, it’ll make things harder to differentiate. It’s only a real monster who would mix in a lovely pile of Skittles with M&Ms.


Sneaky bake fillings


If you are baking products for Halloween, there’s plenty of surefire ways to ruin things with unexpected fillings like mustard, ketchup, or relish. Though it can be time-consuming to put together, this could be another fun way to accomplish a well-intentioned Halloween prank.


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