Taste these Easy Halloween 2018 Recipes you can Make at Home this October

When we think Halloween for both kids and adults, our minds may wander towards a favourite Halloween party we’ve been to, specific costume ideas, or decorations. We don’t always think about food though.


Despite that, Halloween food has a place in creating some memorable Halloween party events. If you’re planning a Halloween party, holiday-specific food can play an amazing role in keeping the spooky vibes going. If you want to make it fun for the kids, easy Halloween recipes are a wonderful way to do it.


Little pizza skulls


See ‘Day of the Dead’ inspired small pizzas. Use pizza dough to craft a skull shape. Then, slap on some tomato sauce and some mozza. From there, there’s a lot you can do. Create eyebrows from interchanging corn and green pepper pieces, eyes made from red onion and olives, and lips made from cut up olive pieces. After a good fifteen to twenty minutes in the oven, you’ll be surprised at how well these guys turn out.


Halloween chili


Chili can be manipulated in various ways to resemble different things. Served in the dark, you can make up almost anything to tell someone as to what they’re eating. Celebrating Halloween, you may want to throw in some steak cuts, chopped onion, finely chopped garlic, seeds, oregano, smoked paprika, and more.


Topped little cakes


If you have little cheesecakes or something you can cut and top with small Halloween figures, this is something simple that doesn’t require a lot of preparation ahead of time. Topped little cakes can be shared among children, at Halloween parties, and used to help support the vibes of the day.


Bloody eyeballs


Have you ever seen those chocolate eyeballs from the Dollarama. They’re inexpensive and pretty good chocolate. In the dark, they look all the more realistic. Now, set them in a plate with some raspberry sauce and you have a frightening presentation to boot. Another quick and easy method for scares, albeit gory, this is a fun way to treat the Halloween holiday.


Meringue ghosts


If you know how to put together a meringue cake, you can shape your meringue like ghosts. It’s perfect for kids Halloween parties and providing a low-carb tasty treat. For baking enthusiasts, this might be a recipe you hang onto.


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