Boxing Day 2019 Deals on Home Products and Sales to Look Ahead for

The best deals to keep an eye out for this upcoming Boxing Day 2019 can be found at Canada’s growing eCommerce site. has always made a supremely big deal out of Boxing Day! Every year, it brings with it promises of amazing discounts for bargain hunters and many of our shoppers have saved $100s browsing with us rather than our competitors.


This year, we’re increasing the pressure on the marketplace with even bigger Boxing Day deals on home products and sales. There’s no doubt December 26 is going to be among the biggest sales days of the year for us. Don’t hesitate to join us. The following are just a few of the deals on home products available across this year’s Boxing Day sale.


Fast-dry microfiber memory foam bath mat – $4.99


70 percent off this home bathroom product, if you’ve never used a microfiber memory foam bathroom mat like this, it makes getting out of the tub that much easier. Post-shower, microfiber mats like these are always quick to dry, will keep things clean, and will reduce moisture in your space. Soft and comfortable, there’s nothing like having memory foam to walk on barefoot.


2-in-1 single serve coffee maker – $29.99


Use this beautifully designed coffee maker to brew up to three cups at a time. Choose from red, blue, or yellow. For anyone in need of a coffee maker, such as those Canadians who enjoy struggle yet who struggle with high cholesterol, a product like this is a great way to limit the elements of coffee that increase cholesterol. This is one of our favourite Boxing Day 2019 deals!


Microfiber twist mop 360-degree rotation – $13.99


Another great home product, this time, we’re talking the kitchen. Old-style, traditional mops are ugly. Newer style, modern mops oftentimes don’t work as well. Then, there’s Swiffers which are usually cheaply made and promote disposables. Buy a microfiber twist mop with efficient rotation for amazing support when you need to get down and dirty on your kitchen floors.


Some more great Boxing Day 2019 deals from includes a small watch box for $9.99, an LED desk lamp for $14.99, a beautifully designed 7-drawer acrylic makeup organizer for $23.99, an adjustable posture corrector for those suffering from upper back pain or shoulder pain for only $15.99, and a two-tier dish drying rack with drainboard included for $23.99.


This Boxing Day 2019, everything you’ve been eyeing from is going to be on its best sale yet. Take advantage of record low cheap prices on home products, home accessories, party decorations, and more. Shop the best deals, sales, and exclusives from Canada’s own

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