Explore amazing Office Product Deals on Boxing Day 2019 Sale from Living.ca!

The official Living.ca Boxing Day sale 2019 launches December 26 with discounts up to 70 percent off some absolutely amazing office products. See fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada available exclusively on Boxing Day.

Needless to say, even on a budget, you can refresh your home office or take the opportunity to buy in bulk and save possibly $100s if you’re buying for a larger office. Below are some of our favourite Boxing Day office product deals exclusive to Living.ca.

2-in-1 single serve coffee maker – $29.99

No office would be complete without a coffee maker of some sort to provide Canadians’ preferred energy-boosting caffeinated beverage. Capable of making up to 3 cups of coffee, get your coffee maker on sale this Boxing Day. It’s one of several deals to look out for in the days following Christmas.

1,500 watt portable electric heater – $71.99

If you’re working from a home office, you may be installed in a space in the home with less than desirable conditions. If that at all sounds like you and you need an electric heater, browse our ceramic tower heater w/ remote control. The upcoming Boxing Day sale is a perfect opportunity to pick one up.

Cool mist humidifier in wood grain design – $26.99

An essential oil diffuser might not be the first idea we think of when exploring amazing office product deals yet for many Canadians, they like to give their productivity an assigned smell. It helps to get them in the zone, to concentrate and engage in what they’re doing. For the Canadian who can never have enough motivation, use your essential oil diffuser wisely in the office.

Portable laptop vented table and computer desk – $26.99

Should you need to take your work home, this portable laptop table for under $30 is a great product for young professionals, students, and Canadians from all walks of life. Lightweight and with a removable mouse, you can enjoy other features like two cooling fans, a sturdy, durable tray, and can be set at multiple angles to accommodate almost any laptop-related activity.

Save big with bargain prices this Boxing Day from Living.ca. Feel encouraged to dive into your website and choose what you want to grab while quantities last. Boxing Day only comes once a year. Just in time to give you an extra sparkle for the New Year’s Eve party, check out dozens of premiere office products and fall in love with one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce sites!

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