Creating a Cost-Efficient Vertical Garden System with a Garden Pot Stacker

You may have seen garden pot stackers and vertical garden designs before. Stacking up plants across pots in a singular design allows them to grow in some unique, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient ways.


From professional gardeners to amateur home gardeners, stackable plant pots are being used in customizable modular vertical garden models. It saves on space, allows your plants to share water, and the pile-up is something that looks aesthetically unexpected and interesting.


For the stackable pot design, you’ll find three tiers to work with for your indoor planter. Designed using a durable plastic, you won’t need to worry about it cracking. Indoors or outdoors, if you’re working with a small garden space or don’t have very much space to dedicate to stackable pots, you don’t need to worry about that. These stackable pots are used across apartments, condos, and small urban environments from coast to coast across Canada.


For those looking to grow small plants, strawberries, flowers, or herbs for seasoning, stackable pots are ideal for the reasons mentioned and others. The planter uses a self-watering system with each planter having a built-in water reservoir from which they can derive moisture. Subsequently, another great advantage is their ability to be stacked, hung, or to have them completely separate from one another. In essence, you can use these stackable pots any which way you want.


This sort of stackable plant design is based on modular constructivism, which became prominent throughout the 1950s and 1960s. In definition, modular constructivism is based on repetitive elements. Stackable pots makes use of this by duplicating the aesthetic again and again throughout the design.


Watch greenery spill out over the top of each post and note how the vertical design contrasts with the traditional horizontal aesthetic we associate with gardens. Suitable for indoors as well, you don’t need to use it necessarily outside. Although it’s geared towards urban environments, the stackable pot system is clean and simple enough for anyone to use almost anywhere in the home.


If you’re working with limited space in an urban setting, vertical gardening might be your new favourite activity. The self-watering system also makes it very easy to maintain with not a whole lot to consider. Browse stackable pots, vertical gardening tools, small portable greenhouses, and so many other products to craft the absolutely perfect urban garden for you from Design your own greenery presentation, as you like it!


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