How do Electric Coffee Grinders work and Do I Need One – read here!

In the morning, you don’t want to be struggling to grind your own coffee beans before getting everything else prepared for your cup of Joe. If you want to maximize your time and are fixated on grinding your own coffee beans, an electric coffee grinder is the only option. Believe us when we say that grinding your own freshly prepared coffee beans can make a significant difference to the taste in your cup.

Coffee grinder from
Coffee grinder from

When you buy the electric coffee grinder, it’s not only used for coffee but can be used for a variety of things. In that sense, it’s very multi-purpose. You’re getting stainless steel blades capable of handling up to 60 grams at a time in a 150-watt and 20,000 rpm design. It can easily make up to 12 or 14 cups of coffee and can also be repurposed to grind beans, spices, herbs, nuts, or grains.


For when you need it on-the-go or in the moment, it also won’t take long to get prepped. It’s about 10 seconds for coarse, 20 seconds on medium, or 30 seconds for some fine powder espresso. If you combine this purchase with one of our coffee makers or espresso machines and literally within a few minutes, you’ve grinded your own coffee bean and turned it into a cup of coffee.


Any time you come to use our electric coffee grinder, no matter what’s in there, you’ll notice a uniform and consistent grind. The grinding bowl is also detachable which makes cleaning easy. It’s effortless to put together and use, it’s small in size which keeps it as a good space saver, and the grinder also employs low-noise technology to help shelter you from having to listen. There’s no better ETL-approved electric grinder in Canada and you can get for under $14 on-sale!


For any type of coffee drinker who isn’t looking to break the bank on an electric coffee grinder, maker, or espresso machine, wants to help you. All of our products are highly reliable, inexpensive, and unbeatable at their price point. Remember, if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, our go-to electric coffee grinder will help you step up your caffeine game without ripping a whole in your wallet.


Customize your coffee according to the way you like it and grind your own beans with this excellent product. So for anyone who isn’t interested in the idea of grinding beans manually,’s electric grinder is a solid, well-made choice worth a purchase.

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